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2015-05-21 Merge tag 'v3.10.79' into linux-linaro-lsk-v3.10Alex Shi
2015-05-17ACPICA: Utilities: Cleanup to enforce ACPI_PHYSADDR_TO_PTR()/ACPI_PTR_TO_PHYS...Lv Zheng
2015-05-17ACPICA: Tables: Change acpi_find_root_pointer() to use acpi_physical_address.Lv Zheng
2015-05-17mmc: card: Don't access RPMB partitions for normal read/writeChuanxiao Dong
2015-05-17pinctrl: Don't just pretend to protect pinctrl_maps, do it for realDoug Anderson
2015-05-17drm/i915: Add missing MacBook Pro models with dual channel LVDSLukas Wunner
2015-05-17gpio: sysfs: fix memory leaks and device hotplugJohan Hovold
2015-05-17gpio: unregister gpiochip device before removing itJohan Hovold
2015-05-17xen/console: Update console event channel on resumeBoris Ostrovsky
2015-05-13UBI: fix soft lockup in ubi_check_volume()hujianyang
2015-05-13Drivers: hv: vmbus: Don't wait after requesting offersK. Y. Srinivasan
2015-05-13staging: panel: fix lcd typeSudip Mukherjee
2015-05-13usb: gadget: printer: enqueue printer's response for setup requestAndrzej Pietrasiewicz
2015-05-13usb: host: oxu210hp: use new USB_RESUME_TIMEOUTFelipe Balbi
2015-05-133w-sas: fix command completion raceChristoph Hellwig
2015-05-133w-9xxx: fix command completion raceChristoph Hellwig
2015-05-133w-xxxx: fix command completion raceChristoph Hellwig
2015-05-13rbd: end I/O the entire obj_request on errorIlya Dryomov
2015-05-13serial: of-serial: Remove device_type = "serial" registrationMichal Simek
2015-05-12Merge branch 'v3.10/topic/gator' into linux-linaro-lsk-v3.10Kevin Hilman
2015-05-12Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/v3.10/topic/zram' into linux-linaro-lskAlex Shi
2015-05-12 Merge tag 'v3.10.77' into linux-linaro-lskAlex Shi
2015-05-11zram: fix umount-reset_store-mount race conditionv3.10/topic/zramSergey Senozhatsky
2015-05-11zram: free meta table in zram_meta_freeGanesh Mahendran
2015-05-11mm/zram: correct ZRAM_ZERO flag bit positionMahendran Ganesh
2015-05-11zram: avoid kunmap_atomic() of a NULL pointerWeijie Yang
2015-05-11zram: avoid NULL pointer access in concurrent situationWeijie Yang
2015-05-11zram: use notify_free to account all free notificationsSergey Senozhatsky
2015-05-11zram: report maximum used memoryMinchan Kim
2015-05-11zram: zram memory size limitationMinchan Kim
2015-05-11zsmalloc: change return value unit of zs_get_total_size_bytesMinchan Kim
2015-05-11zram: fix incorrect stat with failed_readsChao Yu
2015-05-11zram: replace global tb_lock with fine grain lockWeijie Yang
2015-05-11zram: use size_t instead of u16Minchan Kim
2015-05-11zram: remove unused SECTOR_SIZE defineSergey Senozhatsky
2015-05-11zram: rename struct `table' to `zram_table_entry'Sergey Senozhatsky
2015-05-11zram: avoid lockdep splat by revalidate_diskMinchan Kim
2015-05-11zram: revalidate disk after capacity changeMinchan Kim
2015-05-11zram: correct offset usage in zram_bio_discardWeijie Yang
2015-05-11zram: support REQ_DISCARDJoonsoo Kim
2015-05-11zram: use scnprintf() in attrs show() methodsSergey Senozhatsky
2015-05-11zram: propagate error to userMinchan Kim
2015-05-11zram: return error-valued pointer from zcomp_create()Sergey Senozhatsky
2015-05-11zram: move comp allocation out of init_lockSergey Senozhatsky
2015-05-11zram: add lz4 algorithm backendSergey Senozhatsky
2015-05-11zram: make compression algorithm selection possibleSergey Senozhatsky
2015-05-11zram: add set_max_streams knobSergey Senozhatsky
2015-05-11zram: add multi stream functionalitySergey Senozhatsky
2015-05-11zram: factor out single stream compressionSergey Senozhatsky
2015-05-11zram: use zcomp compressing backendsSergey Senozhatsky