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2021-09-30hw/arm: sabrelite: Connect SPI flash CS line to GPIO3_19pull-target-arm-20210930target-arm.nexttarget-arm.for-upstreamXuzhou Cheng
2021-09-30ide: Rename ide_bus_new() to ide_bus_init()Peter Maydell
2021-09-30qbus: Rename qbus_create() to qbus_new()Peter Maydell
2021-09-30qbus: Rename qbus_create_inplace() to qbus_init()Peter Maydell
2021-09-30pci: Rename pci_root_bus_new_inplace() to pci_root_bus_init()Peter Maydell
2021-09-30ipack: Rename ipack_bus_new_inplace() to ipack_bus_init()Peter Maydell
2021-09-30scsi: Replace scsi_bus_new() with scsi_bus_init(), scsi_bus_init_named()Peter Maydell
2021-09-30target/arm: Don't put FPEXC and FPSID in org.gnu.gdb.arm.vfp XMLPeter Maydell
2021-09-30target/arm: Move gdbstub related code out of helper.cPeter Maydell
2021-09-30target/arm: Fix coding style issues in gdbstub code in helper.cPeter Maydell
2021-09-30configs: Don't include 32-bit-only GDB XML in aarch64 linux configsPeter Maydell
2021-09-30docs/system/arm: xlnx-versal-virt: BBRAM and eFUSE UsageTong Ho
2021-09-30hw/arm: xlnx-zcu102: Add Xilinx eFUSE deviceTong Ho
2021-09-30hw/arm: xlnx-zcu102: Add Xilinx BBRAM deviceTong Ho
2021-09-30hw/arm: xlnx-versal-virt: Add Xilinx eFUSE deviceTong Ho
2021-09-30hw/arm: xlnx-versal-virt: Add Xilinx BBRAM deviceTong Ho
2021-09-30hw/nvram: Introduce Xilinx battery-backed ramTong Ho
2021-09-30hw/nvram: Introduce Xilinx ZynqMP eFuse deviceTong Ho
2021-09-30hw/nvram: Introduce Xilinx Versal eFuse deviceTong Ho
2021-09-30hw/nvram: Introduce Xilinx eFuse QOMTong Ho
2021-09-30arm: tcg: Adhere to SMCCC 1.3 section 5.2Alexander Graf
2021-09-30allwinner-h3: Switch to SMC as PSCI conduitAlexander Graf
2021-09-29Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/vivier/tags/q800-for-6.2-pull-request' ...HEADmasterPeter Maydell
2021-09-29q800: configure nubus available slots for Quadra 800Mark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29q800: wire up nubus IRQsMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus: add support for slot IRQsMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus-bridge: make slot_available_mask a qdev propertyMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus-bridge: embed the NubusBus object directly within nubus-bridgeMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus: move NubusBus from mac-nubus-bridge to nubus-bridgeMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29mac-nubus-bridge: rename MacNubusState to MacNubusBridgeMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus-bridge: introduce separate NubusBridge structureMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus: move nubus to its own 32-bit address spaceMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus-device: add romfile property for loading declaration ROMsMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus-device: remove nubus_register_rom() and nubus_register_format_block()Mark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29macfb: don't register declaration ROMMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus: generate bus error when attempting to access empty slotsMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus: add trace-events for empty slot accessesMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus: implement BusClass get_dev_path()Mark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus: move slot bitmap checks from NubusDevice realize() to BusClass check_a...Mark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus: use bitmap to manage available slotsMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus-device: expose separate super slot memory regionMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus-device: rename slot_nb variable to slotMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-29nubus: add comment indicating reference documentsMark Cave-Ayland
2021-09-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/jsnow-gitlab/tags/python-pull-request' ...Peter Maydell
2021-09-27Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/philmd/tags/integration-testing-2021092...Peter Maydell
2021-09-27tests/acceptance: Test powernv machinesC├ędric Le Goater
2021-09-27tests/acceptance/ppc_prep_40p.py: clean up unused importCleber Rosa
2021-09-27tests/acceptance/ppc_prep_40p.py: NetBSD 7.1.2 location updateCleber Rosa
2021-09-27tests/acceptance/boot_xen.py: removed unused importCleber Rosa
2021-09-27acceptance/tests/vnc.py: use explicit syntax for enabling passwordsCleber Rosa