AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 dayssdhci: add a 'dma' property to the sysbus devicespull-target-arm-20180116target-arm.nexttarget-arm.for-upstreamPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
5 dayssdhci: fix the PCI device, using the PCI address space for DMAPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
5 dayssdhci: Implement write method of ACMD12ERRSTS registerAndrey Smirnov
5 dayssdhci: fix CAPAB/MAXCURR registers, both are 64bit and read-onlyPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
5 dayssdhci: rename the SDHC_CAPAB registerPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
5 dayssdhci: move MASK_TRNMOD with other SDHC_TRN* defines in "sd-internal.h"Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
5 dayssdhci: convert the DPRINT() calls into trace eventsPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
5 dayssdhci: use qemu_log_mask(UNIMP) instead of fprintf()Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
5 dayssdhci: refactor common sysbus/pci unrealize() into sdhci_common_unrealize()Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
5 dayssdhci: refactor common sysbus/pci realize() into sdhci_common_realize()Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
5 dayssdhci: refactor common sysbus/pci class_init() into sdhci_common_class_init()Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
5 dayssdhci: use DEFINE_SDHCI_COMMON_PROPERTIES() for common sysbus/pci propertiesPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
5 dayssdhci: remove dead codePhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
5 dayssdhci: clean up includesPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
5 daystarget/arm: Add fp16 support to vfp_expand_immRichard Henderson
5 daystarget/arm: Split out vfp_expand_immRichard Henderson
5 dayshw/sd/omap_mmc: Reset SD card on controller resetPeter Maydell
5 dayshw/sd/ssi-sd: Reset SD card on controller resetPeter Maydell
5 dayshw/sd/milkymist-memcard: Reset SD card on controller resetPeter Maydell
5 dayshw/sd/pl181: Reset SD card on controller resetPeter Maydell
5 daystarget/arm: Handle page table walk load failures correctlyPeter Maydell
5 dayshw/arm/virt: Add virt-2.12 machine typePeter Maydell
5 daysget_phys_addr_pmsav7: Support AP=0b111 for v7MPeter Maydell
5 dayshw/intc/armv7m: Support byte and halfword accesses to CFSRPeter Maydell
6 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/juanquintela/tags/migration/20180115' i...HEADmasterPeter Maydell
6 daysmigration: remove notify in fd_errorPeter Xu
6 daysmigration: remove some block_cleanup_parameters()Peter Xu
6 daysmigration: put the finish part into a new functionPeter Xu
6 daysmigration: major cleanup for migrate iterationsPeter Xu
6 daysmigration: cleanup stats update into functionPeter Xu
6 daysmigration: use switch at the end of migrationPeter Xu
6 daysmigration: introduce migrate_calculate_completePeter Xu
6 daysmigration: introduce downtime_startPeter Xu
6 daysmigration: move vm_old_running into global statePeter Xu
6 daysmigration: split use of MigrationState.total_timePeter Xu
6 daysmigration: remove "enable_colo" varPeter Xu
6 daysmigration: qemu_savevm_state_cleanup() in cleanupPeter Xu
6 daysmigration: assert colo instead of checkPeter Xu
6 daysmigration: finalize current_migration objectVladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy
6 daysmigration: Guard ram_bytes_remaining against early callDr. David Alan Gilbert
6 daysmigration: add postcopy total blocktime into query-migrateAlexey Perevalov
6 daysmigration: add blocktime calculation into migration-testAlexey Perevalov
6 daysmigration: postcopy_blocktime documentationAlexey Perevalov
6 daysmigration: calculate vCPU blocktime on dst sideAlexey Perevalov
6 daysmigration: add postcopy blocktime ctx into MigrationIncomingStateAlexey Perevalov
6 daysmigration: introduce postcopy-blocktime capabilityAlexey Perevalov
6 daysmigration: fix analyze-migration.py script with radix tableLaurent Vivier
6 daysmigration: free result stringJuan Quintela
6 daysdocs: Convert migration.txt to rstDr. David Alan Gilbert
6 daysmigration: free addr in the same function that we created itJuan Quintela