AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysMerge tag 'pull-for-8.2-fixes-231123-1' of https://gitlab.com/stsquad/qemu in...HEADmasterStefan Hajnoczi
7 daystests/tcg: finesse the registers check for "hidden" regsAlex Bennée
7 daysconfigure: don't try a "native" cross for linux-userAlex Bennée
7 daystests/tcg: enable semiconsole test for ArmAlex Bennée
7 daystests/tcg: enable arm softmmu testsAlex Bennée
7 daystesting: move arm system tests into their own folderAlex Bennée
7 dayshw/core: skip loading debug on all failuresAlex Bennée
7 daysdocs/system: clarify limits of using gdbstub in system emulationAlex Bennée
7 daysdocs/emulation: expand warning about semihostingAlex Bennée
7 daystests/tcg: fixup Aarch64 semiconsole testAlex Bennée
7 daystarget/nios2: Deprecate the Nios II architecturePhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
7 daysplugins: fix win plugin tests on cross compileGreg Manning
7 daystests/docker: merge debian-native with debian-amd64Alex Bennée
7 days.gitlab-ci.d/cirrus: Upgrade macOS to 13 (Ventura)Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
7 daystests/docker: replace fedora-i386 with debian-i686Daniel P. Berrangé
8 daysMerge tag 'pull-riscv-to-apply-20231122' of https://github.com/alistair23/qem...Stefan Hajnoczi
8 daysMerge tag 'seabios-hppa-v13-pull-request' of https://github.com/hdeller/qemu-...Stefan Hajnoczi
8 daystarget/riscv/cpu_helper.c: Fix mxr bit behaviorIvan Klokov
8 daystarget/riscv/cpu_helper.c: Invalid exception on MMU translation stageIvan Klokov
8 daysriscv: Fix SiFive E CLINT clock frequencyRomán Cárdenas
8 daystarget/riscv: don't verify ISA compatibility for zicntr and zihpmClément Chigot
8 dayshw/riscv/virt.c: do create_fdt() earlier, add finalize_fdt()Daniel Henrique Barboza
8 dayslinux-user/riscv: Add Zicboz block size to hwprobePalmer Dabbelt
8 daystarget/hppa: Update SeaBIOS-hppa to version 13Helge Deller
8 daysUpdate version for v8.2.0-rc1 releaseStefan Hajnoczi
8 daysMerge tag 'pull-lu-20231121' of https://gitlab.com/rth7680/qemu into stagingStefan Hajnoczi
9 daysRevert "tests/avocado: Enable reverse_debugging.py tests in gitlab CI"Thomas Huth
9 daysMerge tag 'pull-xenfv-20231121' of git://git.infradead.org/users/dwmw2/qemu i...Stefan Hajnoczi
9 daysMerge tag 'for-upstream' of https://repo.or.cz/qemu/kevin into stagingStefan Hajnoczi
9 dayslinux-user: Fix loaddr computation for some elf filesRichard Henderson
9 dayshw/ide/via: implement legacy/native mode switchingMark Cave-Ayland
9 dayside/via: don't attempt to set default BAR addressesMark Cave-Ayland
9 dayside/pci: introduce pci_ide_update_mode() functionMark Cave-Ayland
9 dayside/ioport: move ide_portio_list[] and ide_portio_list2[] definitions to IDE ...Mark Cave-Ayland
9 daysiotests: Test two stream jobs in a single iothreadKevin Wolf
9 daysstream: Fix AioContext locking during bdrv_graph_wrlock()Kevin Wolf
9 daysblock: Fix deadlocks in bdrv_graph_wrunlock()Kevin Wolf
9 daysblock: Fix bdrv_graph_wrlock() call in blk_remove_bs()Kevin Wolf
9 dayshw/ide/ahci: fix legacy software resetNiklas Cassel
9 dayshw/xen: clean up xen_block_find_free_vdev() to avoid Coverity false positiveDavid Woodhouse
9 daysvl: disable default serial when xen-console is enabledDavid Woodhouse
9 daysMerge tag 'ui-pull-request' of https://gitlab.com/marcandre.lureau/qemu into ...Stefan Hajnoczi
9 daysMerge tag 'pull-target-arm-20231121' of https://git.linaro.org/people/pmaydel...Stefan Hajnoczi
9 daysMerge tag 'net-pull-request' of https://github.com/jasowang/qemu into stagingStefan Hajnoczi
9 daysMerge tag 'pull-ppc-20231121' of https://github.com/legoater/qemu into stagingStefan Hajnoczi
9 daysMerge tag 'pull-loongarch-20231121' of https://gitlab.com/gaosong/qemu into s...Stefan Hajnoczi
9 daysui/pixman-minimal.h: fix empty allocationManos Pitsidianakis
9 daysvl: add missing display_remote++Marc-André Lureau
9 daysui/console: fix default VC when there are no displayMarc-André Lureau
9 daysui: use "vc" chardev for dbus, gtk & spice-appMarc-André Lureau