User guide

1.   Notice

In the current release, software stacks for some platforms are manually synced instead of using sync_workspace.py:

Please use the links above to sync a software stack for one of these platforms.

2.   Prerequisites

These instructions assume your host PC is running Ubuntu Linux 16.04.1 LTS. Windows users may also follow these instructions but will only be able to use prebuilt configurations.

If building from source:

  • The sync_workspace.py script will automatically detect and list any missing prerequisite packages, which you will need to manually install before proceeding.
  • You will also need to configure git, otherwise the sync_workspace.py script will hang at the Initialising repo... stage.
$ git config --global user.name "John Doe"
$ git config --global user.email "john.doe@example.com"
$ git config --global color.diff auto

3.   Initialising your workspace

Simply run the sync_workspace.py script using Python 3, then follow the on-screen menus to select your platform and software stack configuration:

$ git clone https://git.linaro.org/landing-teams/working/arm/arm-reference-platforms.git
$ cd arm-reference-platforms/
$ python3 sync_workspace.py

4.   Building from source

How you proceed will depend on your platform and chosen software stack.

The following platforms support different build systems

For Other platforms:

To clean, build, and package the software in a build from source workspace:

$ ./build-scripts/build-all.sh all

You can also individually perform each of these steps:

$ ./build-scripts/build-all.sh clean
$ ./build-scripts/build-all.sh build
$ ./build-scripts/build-all.sh package

You can invoke a particular software component's build script in the same way in order to build just that component rather than the whole software stack, for example ./build-scripts/build-linux.sh targets just the Linux kernel.

5.   Running the software

How you proceed will depend on your platform and chosen software stack.

The following platform user guides are maintained in this git repository:

The following platform user guides are currently still maintained on our Arm Community wiki: