AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-15corstone700: update release tag in the scriptHEADCORSTONE-700-2020.12.10masterSatish Kumar
2020-12-14n1sdp: update devtool section for edk2 and sensor bug fixKhasim Syed Mohammed
2020-12-13n1sdp: fix the devtool documentation section in userguideKhasim Syed Mohammed
2020-12-10corstone700: modify user guide to reflect the use of PyIRISSatish Kumar
2020-12-09n1sdp: update documentation for 2020.12.15 platform releaseKhasim Syed Mohammed
2020-12-03Corstone-700: adding corstone-700 documentationlakshmi Kailasanathan
2020-12-03corstone-700: update user guide documentSatish Kumar
2020-11-27Corstone-500: adding Corstone-500 documentationCORSTONE-500-2020.11.27Abdellatif El Khlifi
2020-11-09rdn1edge: fix incorrect reference to pinned-rdn1edgex2 manifestThomas Abraham
2020-11-09rddaniel: update user-guide for RD-INFRA-2020.11.09 tagRD-INFRA-2020.11.09Thomas Abraham
2020-11-09rddaniel/distro: document linux distro install and boot procedureThomas Abraham
2020-11-09rddaniel/winpe: document WinPE bootThomas Abraham
2020-11-09rddaniel/busybox: fix a typo in section headerThomas Abraham
2020-11-03tc0: update documentation for 2020.10.29 platform releaseTC0-2020.10.29Usama Arif
2020-09-30plat/rdn1edge: update the acs test procedureRD-INFRA-2020.09.30Thomas Abraham
2020-09-30plat/rde1edge: update user guide for 2020.09.30 releaseThomas Abraham
2020-09-30plat/rdn1edge: update user guide for 2020.09.30 releaseThomas Abraham
2020-09-22rdn1edge: add acs test result logsThomas Abraham
2020-09-11juno: update user guide for yocto based releaseJUNO-2020.08.28Damodar Santhapuri
2020-08-19basefvp: add release tag and model version used for testingTushar Khandelwal
2020-08-15tc0: update the user guide and release note with new tagsTC0-2020.08.14Tushar Khandelwal
2020-08-14basefvp: update user guide for yocto based releaseBASEFVP-2020.08.06Anders Dellien
2020-07-30n1sdp: update sync script to reflect latest tagN1SDP-2020.07.27Jagadeesh Ujja
2020-07-30n1sdp: fix typo errorsJagadeesh Ujja
2020-07-30n1sdp: update copyright messageJagadeesh Ujja
2020-07-30n1sdp: update the release notes and change logJagadeesh Ujja
2020-07-27tc0: add documentation for TC0 platformTushar Khandelwal
2020-07-20n1sdp: add document for CMN-600 perf analysisPatrik Berglund
2020-07-20n1sdp: remove reference to specific release tagPatrik Berglund
2020-07-20n1sdp: update documentation to reflect the boot flowPatrik Berglund
2020-04-29basefvp: fix user-guide.rst formatting issuesArvind Chauhan
2020-04-16rddaniel: document procedure to setup tap interfaceRD-INFRA-2020.04.16Vijayenthiran
2020-04-16rddaniel: update busybox-boot guide for rddanielxlrVijayenthiran Subramaniam
2020-04-16rddaniel: add release tags sectionVijayenthiran Subramaniam
2020-04-16rddaniel: update user guide for rddanielxlrVijayenthiran Subramaniam
2020-03-31n1sdp: update sync script to reflect tag and kernel versionN1SDP-2020.03.26Deepak Pandey
2020-03-31n1sdp: update the release notes and change logDeepak Pandey
2020-03-31n1sdp: add coresight user guide.Anurag Koul
2020-03-31n1sdp: add document for CMN-600 perf analysisPatrik Berglund
2020-03-31n1sdp: add documentation for sr-iov usecaseManoj Kumar
2020-03-31n1sdp: add documentation for multichip usecaseManoj Kumar
2020-03-31n1sdp: add document for CCIX AcceleratorChandni Cherukuri
2020-03-31n1sdp: update run-on-n1sdp.rstChandni Cherukuri
2020-03-31n1sdp: update the Prepare_distro_image_for_N1SDP.rstChandni Cherukuri
2020-03-19ca5ds: update tags for 2020.03.06 releaseCA5-DESIGNSTART-2020.03.06Avinash Mehta
2020-03-19ca5ds: update user-guideVishnu Banavath
2020-03-19ca5ds: update change-log & release_notes for rel 2020.03.06Avinash Mehta
2020-03-04corstone700: update tags for 2020.02.10 releaseCORSTONE-700-2020.02.10Avinash Mehta
2020-02-20n1sdp: add busybox fileystem optionChandni Cherukuri
2020-02-14corstone700: updates in change-log & release_notesAvinash Mehta