Arm Reference Platforms


Arm produce open source software stacks for a variety of platforms, serving as a reference to help enable product development based on Arm IP for a range of target markets and applications.

We use these software stacks to demonstrate:

  • Integration of multiple open source software components, including firmware, operating systems, applications, and services
  • Upstream support for configuring the latest Arm IP
  • Software features including secure boot, secure services, power management, and reliability/availablility/serviceability (RAS) error handling
  • Alignment with Arm specifications and open source community initiatives

Software stacks

For Armv8-A platforms we provide integrated Linux and Android software stacks.

Mobile segment platforms include:

  • SCP-firmware
  • Trusted Firmware-A
  • OP-TEE
  • U-Boot port
  • Android Common Kernel (ACK)
  • Android Open Source Project (AOSP) based distribution with graphics support
  • Yocto build and packaging using Poky filesystem for Total Compute(TC0) platform

Infrastructure segment platforms include:

  • SCP-firmware
  • Trusted Firmware-A
  • EDK II UEFI port
  • GRUB loaded distro such as Fedora Enterprise
  • Booting multiple instances of a guest OS using Linux KVM & kvmtool is also supported

Rich IoT segment platforms include:

  • Boot-firmware
  • Trusted Firmware-A
  • Mainline Linux kernel
  • Yocto build and packaging using poky tiny filesystem

All platforms also support a basic Linux boot to a BusyBox ramdisk filesystem.

These software stacks are updated and tested as part of a quarterly release and are made available to build from source, with prebuilt binaries also being available for a limited subset of configurations.

Supported platforms

The following platforms are supported:

The following platforms are also supported, but currently require users to manually sync the software stack sources:

Getting started

Please follow the user guide to sync, build, and run an Arm Reference Platforms software stack.

For questions and discussions, visit our Arm Community forums.

For additional resources, tutorials, and FAQs, browse the docs/ directory or visit our wiki.

For technical support or to provide feedback, please contact us at support@arm.com.