path: root/block/vpc.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-30vpc: unlock Coroutine lock to make IO submit ConcurrentlyZhengui li
2019-02-25block: Add strong_runtime_opts to BlockDriverMax Reitz
2019-02-01block/vpc: Don't take address of fields in packed structsPeter Maydell
2019-01-11avoid TABs in files that only contain a fewPaolo Bonzini
2018-11-05vpc: Don't leak opts in vpc_open()Kevin Wolf
2018-10-19vpc: Fail open on bad header checksumMarkus Armbruster
2018-06-15block: Factor out qobject_input_visitor_new_flat_confused()Markus Armbruster
2018-06-15block: Clean up a misuse of qobject_to() in .bdrv_co_create_opts()Markus Armbruster
2018-06-15block: Fix -blockdev for certain non-string scalarsMarkus Armbruster
2018-06-15block: Add block-specific QDict headerMax Reitz
2018-05-04qobject: Replace qobject_incref/QINCREF qobject_decref/QDECREFMarc-André Lureau
2018-03-19qapi: Replace qobject_to_X(o) by qobject_to(X, o)Max Reitz
2018-03-19vpc: Require aligned size in .bdrv_co_createKevin Wolf
2018-03-19vpc: Support .bdrv_co_createKevin Wolf
2018-03-02block: rename .bdrv_create() to .bdrv_co_create_opts()Stefan Hajnoczi
2018-03-02vpc: Switch to .bdrv_co_block_status()Eric Blake
2018-02-09Move include qemu/option.h from qemu-common.h to actual usersMarkus Armbruster
2017-08-31vpc: use DIV_ROUND_UPMarc-André Lureau
2017-08-11vpc: Check failure of bdrv_getlength()Eric Blake
2017-07-21block/vpc: fix uninitialised variable compiler warningMark Cave-Ayland
2017-07-18block/vpc.c: Handle write failures in get_image_offset()Peter Maydell
2017-07-17vpc: make it thread-safePaolo Bonzini
2017-07-11block: Add PreallocMode to blk_truncate()Max Reitz
2017-07-10block: Simplify use of BDRV_BLOCK_RAWEric Blake
2017-05-17migration: Create migration/blocker.hJuan Quintela
2017-04-28block: Add errp to b{lk,drv}_truncate()Max Reitz
2017-02-28block: Add BDRV_O_RESIZE for blk_new_open()Kevin Wolf
2017-02-28block: Request child permissions in format driversKevin Wolf
2017-02-24block: Attach bs->file only during .bdrv_open()Kevin Wolf
2017-01-24migration: disallow migrate_add_blocker during migrationAshijeet Acharya
2016-09-23vpc: Use QEMU UUID APIFam Zheng
2016-07-05block: Convert bdrv_co_preadv/pwritev to BdrvChildKevin Wolf
2016-07-05block: Convert bdrv_pwrite(v/_sync) to BdrvChildKevin Wolf
2016-07-05block: Convert bdrv_pread(v) to BdrvChildKevin Wolf
2016-05-19qemu-common: stop including qemu/bswap.h from qemu-common.hPaolo Bonzini
2016-05-12block: Allow BDRV_REQ_FUA through blk_pwrite()Eric Blake
2016-05-12vpc: Implement .bdrv_co_pwritev() interfaceKevin Wolf
2016-05-12vpc: Implement .bdrv_co_preadv() interfaceKevin Wolf
2016-04-15block/vpc: update comments to be compliant w/coding guidelinesJeff Cody
2016-04-15block/vpc: set errp in vpc_openJeff Cody
2016-04-15block/vpc: make checks on max table size a bit more laxJeff Cody
2016-04-15block/vpc: Use the correct max sector count for VHD imagesJeff Cody
2016-04-15block/vpc: use current_size field for XenConverter VHD imagesJeff Cody
2016-04-15vpc: use current_size field for XenServer VHD imagesStefan Hajnoczi
2016-04-15block/vpc: set errp in vpc_createJeff Cody
2016-04-12vpc: fix return value check for blk_pwritePaolo Bonzini
2016-03-30block: Always set writeback mode in blk_new_open()Kevin Wolf
2016-03-22include/qemu/osdep.h: Don't include qapi/error.hMarkus Armbruster
2016-03-17blockdev: Split monitor reference from BB creationMax Reitz
2016-03-14vpc: Use BB functions in .bdrv_create()Kevin Wolf