BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
WIPqueue: delete current implementation and use linux-genericZoltan Kiss2 years
api-nextMerge branch 'master' into api-nextZoltan Kiss20 months
masterPort bd9f5847 "linux-gen: packet: inline flag functions"Matias Elo5 weeks
monarch_ltslinux-dpdk: document internal variablesBalakrishna Garapati8 months
odp_dpdp_1.7linux-dpdk: packet: fix L2 parsingZoltan Kiss15 months
v1.13.0.0_DPDK_17.02odp-dpdk-  Balakrishna Garapati4 months
v1.12.0.0_DPDK_16.07odp-dpdk-  Balakrishna Garapati6 months
v1.10.1.0_DPDK_16.07odp-dpdk-  Balakrishna Garapati6 months
v1.11.0.0_monarch_dpdkodp-dpdk-  Balakrishna Garapati8 months
v1.10.1.0_DPDK_16.04odp-dpdk-  Zoltan Kiss11 months
v1.10.1.0odp-dpdk-  Maxim Uvarov12 months
v1.8.0.0_DPDK_16.04odp-dpdk-  Zoltan Kiss13 months
v1.8.0.0_DPDK_2.2.0odp-dpdk-  Zoltan Kiss13 months
v1.10.0.0odp-dpdk-  Mike Holmes14 months
v1.9.0.0odp-dpdk-  Maxim Uvarov14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-05-17Port bd9f5847 "linux-gen: packet: inline flag functions"HEADmasterMatias Elo
2017-05-17linux-dpdk: fix doxygen warningsMatias Elo
2017-05-15linux-dpdk: fix build when running with --disable-abi-compatBalakrishna Garapati
2017-05-08linux-dpdk: pktio: reset packet parser metadata in receiveMatias Elo
2017-05-05linux-dpdk: pool: free allocated shmMatias Elo
2017-05-05linux-dpdk: pool: set mbuf private area size in pool createMatias Elo
2017-05-05linux-dpdk: packet: implement zero-copy concatMatias Elo
2017-05-05linux-dpdk: pool: fix packet pool parameter checkMatias Elo
2017-05-05Port 7c84f7e7 "linux-gen: packet: clean and pack packet header struct"Matias Elo
2017-05-05linux-dpdk: sync internal config definition naming with linux-genericMatias Elo