AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-20Merge branch 'master' into api-nextapi-nextZoltan Kiss
2015-10-20dpdk: Makefile: reuse header files via symlinksAnders Roxell
2015-10-20dpdk/m4: fix bootstrap warningAnders Roxell
2015-10-20linux-dpdk: packet_io: merge received packet handling loopsZoltan Kiss
2015-09-10linux-dpdk: packet: implement flow hash supportZoltan Kiss
2015-09-10Port e3cd1e "api: sched: moved scheduler types into new file"Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-10validation: packet: test flow hashZoltan Kiss
2015-09-10linux-dpdk: packet_io: fix max_rx_pkt_lenZoltan Kiss
2015-09-10api: packet: allow access to packet flow hash valuesZoltan Kiss
2015-09-10Port 5176d3 "linux-generic: add pktio_start and pktio_stop"Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-10Port 26722c "linux-generic: schedule: implement scheduler groups"Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-10Port 839354 "linux-generic: pool: implement odp_pool_param_init"Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-10Port 4450e0 "linux-generic: move openssl checks inside linux-generic"Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-10Port a2d4eb "linux-generic: move pthread checks inside linux-generic"Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-08Port bb00e7 "linux-generic: Makefile.am: fix basename conflicts"Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-08Port 7c7c3b "api: packet_io: added odp_pktio_param_tZoltan Kiss
2015-09-08Port 3afd41 "linux-generic: general: add odp_forward_typedefs to resolve clan...Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-08Port a4d3bc "linux-generic: queue: implement ordered queues"Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-08Port fbac05 "api: init: use const pointer types"Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-08Port 51bff8 "api: event: change to odp_event_type_t"Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-08Port 7fff60 "linux-generic: remove linux-generic makefile generation from com...Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-08Merge odp.git's master to update to Kiss
2015-09-08linux-dpdk: packet: uplevel default RSS config to DPDK 2.0 conventionsv1.2.0.0_DPDK_2.1.0Bill Fischofer
2015-09-08linux-generic: pktio: factor state management into packet_ioNicolas Morey-Chaisemartin
2015-09-08Port 2a979410 "linux-generic: strongtypes: use named structs for C++"Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-08linux-dpdk: pktio: use default RX/TX configuration of the PMDsZoltan Kiss
2015-09-07doc: implementers add include structureMike Holmes
2015-09-07validation: update README filesChristophe Milard
2015-09-03linux-generic: general: add odp_forward_typedefs to resolve clang issuev1.3.0.0Bill Fischofer
2015-09-03validation: schedule: add coverage for new scheduler APIsBill Fischofer
2015-09-03linux-generic: schedule: fix race condition in ordered locksBill Fischofer
2015-09-03linux-generic: queue: correct handling of reorder completionBill Fischofer
2015-09-03linux-generic: queue: prevent lookup of destroyed queuesBill Fischofer
2015-09-03linux-generic: queue: add destroy check for ordered queuesBill Fischofer
2015-09-03linux-generic: schedule: streamline handling of event deq processingBill Fischofer
2015-09-03linux-generic: schedule: correct scheduling for ordered queuesBill Fischofer
2015-09-03linux-generic: schedule: correct schedule group handlingBill Fischofer
2015-09-03Revert "api: pktio description of doxygen group"Maxim Uvarov
2015-09-03api: pktio description of doxygen groupMaxim Uvarov
2015-09-03validation: pktio: revert wait time to msecNicolas Morey-Chaisemartin
2015-09-03validation: pktio: don't mix scheduler wait time and ns in start_stop testNicolas Morey-Chaisemartin
2015-09-02linux-dpdk: pktio: handle vector PMDsZoltan Kiss
2015-09-02pool: add more debug output about sizes in the pool creationZoltan Kiss
2015-09-02linux-dpdk: support DPDK 2.1.0Zoltan Kiss
2015-09-01linux-generic: queue: add missing release lock in release_order()Maxim Uvarov
2015-09-01changelog: log schedule patchesMaxim Uvarov
2015-09-01linux-generic: schedule: implement ordered locksBill Fischofer
2015-09-01linux-generic: schedule: implement odp_schedule_prefetch()Bill Fischofer
2015-09-01linux-generic: queue: implement ordered queuesBill Fischofer
2015-09-01validation: schedule: test scheduler groupsBill Fischofer