AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-31Fix typo deborts -> debportsHEADmasterSimon Paillard
2014-03-12[tr] correct ordered variablesOnur Aslan
2014-02-12screenshots.d.n moved to HTTPS: use same scheme as packages.d.o accessSimon Paillard
2013-12-07[tr] fix minor typoOnur Aslan
2013-12-03add tr to polangsOnur Aslan
2013-12-03Initial Turkish translationOnur Aslan
2013-10-22use the gitweb link to browse the sourceGerfried Fuchs
2013-10-16mirrors: remove unofficial mirrorsSimon Paillard
2013-10-16Update debian-ports mirrors listSimon Paillard
2013-08-11syntax error found by cstamasDamyan Ivanov
2013-08-11add note what <topdir> isDamyan Ivanov
2013-08-06Display EnhancesSimon Paillard
2013-08-06Parse from $suite/update/* tooSimon Paillard
2013-05-13050checkinst dropped at each run, relevant only at INSTALLSimon Paillard
2013-05-13INSTALL: mention dpkg-checkbuilddeps, drop runtime scriptSimon Paillard
2013-05-10add generated test apache configs to conf/.gitignoreDamyan Ivanov
2013-05-05TODO: less dists configurationSimon Paillard
2013-05-05INSTALL: check gpg using archive keyringSimon Paillard
2013-05-01changelog url: fix silly typoSimon Paillard
2013-05-01Changelogs moved to http://ftp-master.metadata.debian.orgSimon Paillard
2013-04-26add sample apache configuration for local testingDamyan Ivanov
2013-04-26ttreerc: include unprocessed static files to accept=Damyan Ivanov
2013-04-26make example sponsor names/URLs same lengthDamyan Ivanov
2013-04-26avoid redefinition of version_cmp by removing current definitionDamyan Ivanov
2013-04-26add Architecture field to the binary packageDamyan Ivanov
2013-04-26TODO: stop aggregationDamyan Ivanov
2013-04-26add TODO on DSA requestDamyan Ivanov
2012-12-27Fix typo Filelist -> File listPaul Wise
2012-10-22fix git URLGerfried Fuchs
2012-10-01Update list of debian-backports mirrors (Closes: #671852)Simon Paillard
2012-09-30parse-contents: use $TOPDIR/tmp in 'sort -m' or it lacks space in /tmp/Simon Paillard
2012-09-28(fr) ProofreadDavid Prévot
2012-09-04russian translation fixYuri Kozlov
2012-07-30russian translation updateYuri Kozlov
2012-04-08typoThijs Kinkhorst
2012-03-12Bug#657557: [PATCH 4/4] Extract English translations before processing packages.Cyril Brulebois
2012-03-12Bug#657557: [PATCH 3/4] Add support for --english-only to parse-translations.Cyril Brulebois
2012-03-12Bug#657557: [PATCH 2/4] Add support for long descriptions in suites above squ...Cyril Brulebois
2012-03-12Bug#657557: [PATCH 1/4] Download English translations files.Cyril Brulebois
2012-01-03Some fixes for Polish translation.Michał Kułach
2011-11-01Typo fix.Marcin Owsiany
2011-11-01Minor corrections.Marcin Owsiany
2011-11-01Initial Polish translation of sections file.Michał Kułach
2011-11-01Added error checking, from 2011-04-18.Bart Martens
2011-10-31Some minor corrections and fixes.Marcin Owsiany
2011-10-31Add Polish to list of languages.Marcin Owsiany
2011-10-31Initial Polish translation.Michał Kułach
2011-10-31fix off-by-one after switching on the brain againGerfried Fuchs
2011-10-31fix If-Modified-Since handling, thanks to weaselGerfried Fuchs
2011-10-29Revert "Add squeeze-updates. Closes: #619693."Bart Martens