AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-16Use DtPrinter to print some data types.dt-printerVincent Belliard
2017-07-11Disassemble system registers in mrs/msr.Martyn Capewell
2017-06-26Print the instruction address when disassembling.Jacob Bramley
2017-06-26Add --disassemble-test-code.Jacob Bramley
2017-06-21Use clang-format 3.8 to format VIXLPierre Langlois
2017-06-15Factorize reference info.Vincent Belliard
2017-06-06Fix runtime call mechanisms for types smaller than 4 bytes.Alexandre Rames
2017-06-02Fix pre-shifted immediate generation involving sp.Martyn Capewell
2017-06-02Handle `enum`s in simulated runtime call mechanisms.Alexandre Rames
2017-06-01[pool-manager] Integration with aarch32.Georgia Kouveli
2017-05-24Fix adr A1 info.Vincent Belliard
2017-05-16[pool-manager] Separating pool checkpoint and buffer checkpoint.Georgia Kouveli
2017-05-16[test] Add preliminary FP tests for OP.<dt> <Dd>, <Dn>, <Dm>Pierre Langlois
2017-05-16Use a size in bits to define the Unsigned types.Pierre Langlois
2017-05-16Add benchmark that stresses using multiple distinct literals.Georgia Kouveli
2017-05-15Assume power of two alignment for AlignUp and AlignDown.Georgia Kouveli
2017-05-15[pool-manager] Split Label and Literal.Georgia Kouveli
2017-05-15Speed up testsMartyn Capewell
2017-05-12Remove Label versions of PLD and PLI from the MacroAssembler.Georgia Kouveli
2017-05-12[pool-manager] Add helper functions to get info on forward references.Georgia Kouveli
2017-05-10[pool-manager] Fix use-after-free bug.Georgia Kouveli
2017-05-09Clear floating-point flags in SETUP.Georgia Kouveli
2017-05-08[test] Remove TEARDOWN macro for AArch32Pierre Langlois
2017-05-08Fix array-bounds warning when compiling with GCC 6Pierre Langlois
2017-05-08Silence warnings about throwing from destructors when compiling with negative...Pierre Langlois
2017-05-08Import new standalone pool manager.Georgia Kouveli
2017-05-04[test] Fix wrong result in VCMP testsPierre Langlois
2017-04-26Add kMaxAArch32Version.Vincent Belliard
2017-04-25Use SOperand and DOperand for cmp and cmpe.Vincent Belliard
2017-04-18Improve the names of the PushPop tests.Jacob Bramley
2017-04-13[tests] Add missing START and TEARDOWN to veneer_bindPierre Langlois
2017-04-11Fix release of a QRegisters within a ScratchRegisterScope.Artem Serov
2017-04-11Fix VIXL_ASSERT in negative testing mode.Jacob Bramley
2017-04-10Split non-executable tests into test-api-aarch64.cc.Jacob Bramley
2017-03-29AArch64: Improve interaction between runtime and the simulator.Alexandre Rames
2017-03-29AArch64: Add support for `MacroAssembler::TailCallRuntime()`.Alexandre Rames
2017-03-15Add functionality for generating negative assembler tests.Georgia Kouveli
2017-02-24Add accidently removed testsPierre Langlois
2017-02-22Remove redundant LR checks in the assemblerPierre Langlois
2017-02-20[tests] Allow generating one description to support two ISAPierre Langlois
2017-02-17Add unpredictable checks when the instruction has to be last in IT blockPierre Langlois
2017-02-17Add unpredictable checks mis-uses of PC in aliasesPierre Langlois
2017-02-15Explicitely name the RS registerPierre Langlois
2017-02-15Add unpredictable checks for mis-use of PCPierre Langlois
2017-02-14Use an integer instead of an operand for bfc, bfi, sbfx and ubfx width operand.Vincent Belliard
2017-02-14Add missing time measurement in benchmark.Georgia Kouveli
2017-02-13Fix issue with TBZ and large literal pool.Georgia Kouveli
2017-02-10AArch64: Make --disassemble output a bit clearer.Jacob Bramley
2017-02-10Add fuzz tests that mixes near branches and literalsPierre Langlois
2017-02-10Introduce a FinalizeOption to Finalize()Pierre Langlois