BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.xCherry-pick: Fix a bug in the MacroAssembler CSEL helpers.Alexandre Rames21 months
dt-printerUse DtPrinter to print some data types.Vincent Belliard6 months
masterUpdate vrint instructions.Vincent Belliard3 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysUpdate vrint instructions.HEADmasterVincent Belliard
10 daysAdd support for CSDB in AArch64Martyn Capewell
12 daysRemoves support for some co-processor instructions.Vincent Belliard
2018-02-06Fix fall-through annotation for GCC 7Martyn Capewell
2018-01-16Fix disassembler for unpredictable in IT block.Vincent Belliard
2017-12-15[disasm] Replace "outside IT block" checks with assertions if possiblePierre Langlois
2017-12-06[disasm] Do not assert if disassembly conditions are unfulfilled.Pierre Langlois
2017-11-29Make Location::IsReferenced public.Artem Serov
2017-11-24Remove Android build files.Jacob Bramley
2017-10-18Fix vld, vst instructions with post-index.Vincent Belliard