BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.xCherry-pick: Fix a bug in the MacroAssembler CSEL helpers.Alexandre Rames3 years
dt-printerUse DtPrinter to print some data types.Vincent Belliard18 months
masterFix BTI support for PACIXSPMartyn Capewell3 days
sveFix types of asm governing predicatesMartyn Capewell3 days
3.0.0vixl-3.0.0.tar.gz  Jacob Bramley4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysFix BTI support for PACIXSPHEADmasterMartyn Capewell
4 daysFix error reporting with ASSERT_NOT_EQUAL_64.Jacob Bramley
5 daysTrivial comment fix near SystemRegister.Jacob Bramley
12 daysTranslate Sshll(2)/Ushll(2) to shll(2) if shift equal to element size.TatWai Chong
12 daysFix "Orr <wsp>, <wn> #<non encodable immediate>" crashes.TatWai Chong
2019-01-31Split more tests to speed up test.pyMartyn Capewell
2019-01-31Change some tests to speed up test.pyMartyn Capewell
2019-01-30Make Fmov(Register, VRegister, index) accept index = 0.TatWai Chong
2019-01-30Fix supported instruction generator script.Martyn Capewell
2019-01-29Add support for random number generation.TatWai Chong