BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
big-LITTLE-MP-latestsched: hmp: fix spinlock recursion in active migrationKevin Hilman9 years
big-LITTLE-MP-master-v19Merge branches 'master-arm-multi_pmu_v2', 'master-config-fragments', 'master-...Jon Medhurst11 years
for-lsksched: hmp: fix spinlock recursion in active migrationKevin Hilman9 years
lsk-interactive-gov-updatescpufreq: interactive governor drops bits in time calculationChris Redpath11 years
master-hw-bkpt-fixARM: hw_breakpoint: Enable debug powerdown only if system supports 'has_ossr'Lokesh Vutla11 years
master-misc-patchesmm: make vmstat_update periodic run conditionalGilad Ben-Yossef11 years
master-task-placement-v2sched: Ignore offline CPUs in HMP migration & load statsChris Redpath11 years
master-task-placement-v2-sysfssched: cfs.nr_running does not contain the intended metricChris Redpath11 years
master-task-placement-v2-updatesHMP: experimental: Force all rt tasks to start on little domain.Dietmar Eggemann11 years
master-wq-migration-v5fbcon: queue work on power efficient wqViresh Kumar11 years
big-LITTLE-MP-15.04commit c1f0c1f51b...Kevin Hilman9 years
big-LITTLE-MP-14.08commit e482d95c1d...Chris Redpath10 years
big-LITTLE-MP-14.07commit 65abdc9b50...Alex Shi10 years
big-LITTLE-MP-14.06commit 4378062f28...Chris Redpath10 years
big-LITTLE-MP-14.05commit d1df056f9e...Chris Redpath10 years
big-LITTLE-MP-14.04commit db3dba6818...Jon Medhurst10 years
big-LITTLE-MP-14.01commit b30814c74c...Dietmar Eggemann10 years
big-LITTLE-MP-14.02commit b30814c74c...Dietmar Eggemann10 years
big-LITTLE-MP-14.03commit b30814c74c...Dietmar Eggemann10 years
big-LITTLE-MP-13.11commit 9a0758156e...Chris Redpath11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-04-14sched: hmp: fix spinlock recursion in active migrationHEADbig-LITTLE-MP-15.04for-lskbig-LITTLE-MP-latestKevin Hilman
2014-08-12hmp: Restrict ILB events if no CPU has > 1 taskbig-LITTLE-MP-14.08Chris Redpath
2014-08-12HMP: Do not fork-boost tasks coming from PIDs <= 2Chris Redpath
2014-06-27HMP: use per cpu cpuidle driver to fix deadlock in hmp_idle_pullbig-LITTLE-MP-14.07Alex Shi
2014-06-11sched: hmp: fix out-of-range CPU possiblebig-LITTLE-MP-14.06Chris Redpath
2014-05-09hmp: dont attempt to pull tasks if affinity doesn't allow itbig-LITTLE-MP-14.05Chris Redpath
2014-05-09hmp: Use idle pull to perform forced up-migrationsChris Redpath
2014-05-09sched: hmp: unify active migration codeChris Redpath
2014-05-09hmp: sched: Clean up hmp_up_threshold checks into a utility fnChris Redpath
2014-05-07sched: hmp: Change small task packing defaults for all platformsChris Redpath