AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-04-14sched: hmp: fix spinlock recursion in active migrationHEADbig-LITTLE-MP-15.04for-lskbig-LITTLE-MP-latestKevin Hilman
2014-08-12hmp: Restrict ILB events if no CPU has > 1 taskbig-LITTLE-MP-14.08Chris Redpath
2014-08-12HMP: Do not fork-boost tasks coming from PIDs <= 2Chris Redpath
2014-06-27HMP: use per cpu cpuidle driver to fix deadlock in hmp_idle_pullbig-LITTLE-MP-14.07Alex Shi
2014-06-11sched: hmp: fix out-of-range CPU possiblebig-LITTLE-MP-14.06Chris Redpath
2014-05-09hmp: dont attempt to pull tasks if affinity doesn't allow itbig-LITTLE-MP-14.05Chris Redpath
2014-05-09hmp: Use idle pull to perform forced up-migrationsChris Redpath
2014-05-09sched: hmp: unify active migration codeChris Redpath
2014-05-09hmp: sched: Clean up hmp_up_threshold checks into a utility fnChris Redpath
2014-05-07sched: hmp: Change small task packing defaults for all platformsChris Redpath
2014-04-08Revert "hmp: sched: Clean up hmp_up_threshold checks into a utility fn"big-LITTLE-MP-14.04Jon Medhurst
2014-04-08Revert "sched: hmp: unify active migration code"Jon Medhurst
2014-04-08Revert "hmp: Use idle pull to perform forced up-migrations"Jon Medhurst
2014-04-08Revert "hmp: dont attempt to pull tasks if affinity doesn't allow it"Jon Medhurst
2014-03-24hmp: dont attempt to pull tasks if affinity doesn't allow itChris Redpath
2014-03-24hmp: Use idle pull to perform forced up-migrationsChris Redpath
2014-03-24sched: hmp: unify active migration codeChris Redpath
2014-03-24hmp: sched: Clean up hmp_up_threshold checks into a utility fnChris Redpath
2014-01-22HMP: Fix rt task allowed cpu mask restriction code on 1x1 systembig-LITTLE-MP-14.03big-LITTLE-MP-14.02big-LITTLE-MP-14.01Dietmar Eggemann
2014-01-22HMP: Restrict irq_default_affinity to hmp_slow_cpu_maskDietmar Eggemann
2014-01-22sched: hmp: Fix potential task_struct memory leakChris Redpath
2014-01-22config: Make packing present on TC2Chris Redpath
2014-01-22sched: hmp: Change TC2 packing config to disabled default if presentChris Redpath
2014-01-22sched: hmp: Make idle balance behaviour normal when packing disabledChris Redpath
2014-01-22sched: update runqueue clock before migrations awayChris Redpath
2014-01-22sched: reset blocked load decay_count during synchronizationChris Redpath
2014-01-22genirq: Add default affinity mask command line optionThomas Gleixner
2014-01-22config: Add config fragments for big LITTLE MPJon Medhurst
2014-01-22sched/debug: Add load-tracking statistics to taskKamalesh Babulal
2013-11-22sched: hmp: Fix build breakage when not using CONFIG_SCHED_HMPbig-LITTLE-MP-13.12big-LITTLE-MP-13.11Chris Redpath
2013-11-21Documentation: HMP: Small Task Packing explanationChris Redpath
2013-11-21sched: hmp: add read-only hmp domain sysfs fileChris Redpath
2013-11-21HMP: Avoid using the cpu stopper to stop runnable tasksMathieu Poirier
2013-10-30arm64: Fix build due to HMP tracepointsbig-LITTLE-MP-13.10Mark Brown
2013-10-30smp: Don't use typedef to work around compiler issue with tracepointsMark Brown
2013-10-11HMP: Implement task packing for small tasks in HMP systemsChris Redpath
2013-10-11hmp: Remove potential for task_struct access raceChris Redpath
2013-10-11sched: HMP: fix potential logical errorsChris Redpath
2013-10-11smp: smp_cross_call function pointer tracingChris Redpath
2013-10-11arm: ipi raise/start/end tracingChris Redpath
2013-10-11sched: HMP: Additional trace points for debugging HMP behaviourChris Redpath
2013-10-11sched: HMP: Change default HMP thresholdsChris Redpath
2013-09-05HMP: Update migration timer when we fork-migratebig-LITTLE-MP-13.09big-LITTLE-MP-13.08Chris Redpath
2013-09-05HMP: Access runqueue task clocks directly.Chris Redpath
2013-09-05HMP: Implement idle pull for HMPChris Redpath
2013-09-05sched: HMP change nr_running offload metricChris Redpath
2013-09-05HMP: Explicitly implement all-load-is-max-load policy for HMP targetsChris Redpath
2013-09-05HMP: Modify the runqueue stats to add a new child statChris Redpath
2013-09-05sched: track per-rq 'last migration time'Chris Redpath
2013-09-05sched: HMP fix traversing the rb-tree from the curr pointerMorten Rasmussen