AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-05Merge pull request #309 from soby-mathew/sm/fix_fvp_get_entryHEADmasterlinarojunointegrationfvp-basedanh-arm
2015-06-03FVP: Correct the PSYSR_WK bit width in platform_get_entrypointSoby Mathew
2015-06-02Merge pull request #305 from achingupta/ag/tf-issues#306Achin Gupta
2015-06-02Merge pull request #307 from soby-mathew/sm/css_bit_width_fixAchin Gupta
2015-06-02Merge pull request #308 from vwadekar/tegra-soc-support-v4Achin Gupta
2015-05-29Support for NVIDIA's Tegra T210 SoCsVarun Wadekar
2015-05-29Driver for 16550 UART interfaceVarun Wadekar
2015-05-27CSS: Extract primary cpu id using the correct bit widthSoby Mathew
2015-05-20Merge pull request #303 from danh-arm/dh/fix-fvp-setup-topologydanh-arm
2015-05-19Fix reporting of interrupt ID in ARM GIC driverAchin Gupta
2015-05-19Fix return type of FVP plat_arm_topology_setupDan Handley
2015-05-18Merge pull request #301 from soby-mathew/sm/cpu_on_pend_state_fixachingupta
2015-05-13Fix handling of spurious interrupts in BL3_1Achin Gupta
2015-05-13PSCI: Set ON_PENDING state early during CPU_ONSoby Mathew
2015-04-29Merge pull request #297 from sandrine-bailleux/sb/move-up-depsdanh-arm
2015-04-29Merge pull request #296 from danh-arm/sb/scpi-min-changesdanh-arm
2015-04-29Merge pull request #295 from danh-arm/dh/plat-port-reorgdanh-arm
2015-04-29FVP: update device tree idle state entriesJuan Castillo
2015-04-29Move up dependency versions in user guideSandrine Bailleux
2015-04-28Detect SCP version incompatibilitySandrine Bailleux
2015-04-28Move to the new ARM SCP Messaging InterfacesSandrine Bailleux
2015-04-28Doc updates following platform port reorganizationDan Handley
2015-04-28Move Juno port to plat/arm/board/junoDan Handley
2015-04-28Migrate Juno port to use common codeDan Handley
2015-04-28Move FVP port to plat/arm/board/fvpDan Handley
2015-04-28Migrate FVP port to use common codeDan Handley
2015-04-28Add common ARM and CSS platform codeDan Handley
2015-04-28Add linker symbol declarations to bl_common.hDan Handley
2015-04-28Allow deeper platform port directory structureDan Handley
2015-04-28Separate out common console functionalityDan Handley
2015-04-27Add header guards to asm macro filesDan Handley
2015-04-27Remove use of PLATFORM_CACHE_LINE_SIZEDan Handley
2015-04-27Fix type mismatches in verbose loggingDan Handley
2015-04-27Add TZC function to configure region 0Dan Handley
2015-04-17Merge pull request #290 from soby-mathew/sm/AEM_crash_report_fixdanh-arm
2015-04-13Merge pull request #289 from danh-arm/vw/tlkd-args-via-cpu-regs-v4danh-arm
2015-04-13Merge pull request #288 from danh-arm/sb/remove-arch-makefiledanh-arm
2015-04-13Merge pull request #287 from danh-arm/sb/bl2-loading-errorsdanh-arm
2015-04-13Fix recursive crash prints on FVP AEM modelSoby Mathew
2015-04-13Pass arguments/results between EL3/S-EL1 via CPU registers (x0-x7)Varun Wadekar
2015-04-13Remove the ARCH build configuration from the MakefileSandrine Bailleux
2015-04-13Panic if platform specific BL3-0 handling failsSandrine Bailleux
2015-04-09Merge pull request #284 from kpet/kp/tf-issues-295danh-arm
2015-04-08Add support to indicate size and end of assembly functionsKévin Petit
2015-04-01Merge pull request #277 from soby-mathew/sm/coh_lock_optdanh-arm
2015-04-01Merge pull request #279 from sandrine-bailleux/sb/fix-checkpatchdanh-arm
2015-04-01Merge pull request #280 from vwadekar/tlkd-fixed-v3danh-arm
2015-03-31TLK-D documentation and add NVIDIA to the Acknowledgements fileVarun Wadekar
2015-03-31Open/Close TA sessions, send commands/events to TAsVarun Wadekar
2015-03-31Preempt/Resume standard function ID callsVarun Wadekar