descriptioncount cpu in idle time and period.
last changeThu, 12 Mar 2015 11:49:35 +0000 (17:19 +0530)
2015-03-12  Koan-Sin Tanadd idlestat manual page master
2015-03-12  Tuukka TikkanenFix merge_pstates
2015-03-09  Tuukka TikkanenHandle offline cpus gracefully
2015-03-09  Tuukka TikkanenTopology: Remove unused structure member
2015-03-09  Tuukka TikkanenTopology: Make read_cpu_topo_info more robust
2015-03-09  Tuukka TikkanenTopology: Match cpu names only if they begin with ...
2015-03-09  Larry Basselenergy_model: calculate number of cap and C states...
2015-01-22  Tuukka Tikkanenutils: Add missing va_end macros to verbose_(f)printf
2015-01-22  Koan-Sin Tanre-enable compile and run on Android platform
2015-01-22  Tuukka TikkanenAdd -Wunused-parameter to CFLAGS
2015-01-22  Tuukka TikkanenSimplify event counting while loading a trace
2015-01-22  Tuukka TikkanenRemove unused parameter cpu from write_cstate_info
2015-01-22  Tuukka TikkanenEnergy model: Remove unused parameter options
2015-01-22  Tuukka TikkanenFix P-state calculations
2015-01-22  Tuukka TikkanenFix alignment for verbose energy model data
2015-01-20  Dietmar EggemannIdlestat: Add energy model for arm TC2 idlestat-0.5
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