descriptioncount cpu in idle time and period.
last changeThu, 29 Sep 2016 17:29:01 +0000 (19:29 +0200)
2016-09-29  Lisa NguyenUpdate documentation for idlestat master
2016-09-29  Daniel LezcanoFix the version number. idlestat-0.7
2016-09-08  Colin Ian KingUse %zu format specifier for size_t types
2016-09-08  Colin Ian KingFix TRACE_IPIIRQ_FORMAT string format width overflow...
2016-09-08  Colin Ian Kingfix memory leak in cpuidle_get_target_residency, free...
2016-09-08  Colin Ian Kingtopology: remove check for same cpuid cannot exist...
2016-09-08  Colin Ian KingReplace deprecated readdir_r with readdir
2015-11-04  Colin Ian Kinginitialise ret to 0, fixes an error found by static... idlestat-0.6
2015-03-12  Koan-Sin Tanadd idlestat manual page
2015-03-12  Tuukka TikkanenFix merge_pstates
2015-03-09  Tuukka TikkanenHandle offline cpus gracefully
2015-03-09  Tuukka TikkanenTopology: Remove unused structure member
2015-03-09  Tuukka TikkanenTopology: Make read_cpu_topo_info more robust
2015-03-09  Tuukka TikkanenTopology: Match cpu names only if they begin with ...
2015-03-09  Larry Basselenergy_model: calculate number of cap and C states...
2015-01-22  Tuukka Tikkanenutils: Add missing va_end macros to verbose_(f)printf
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