BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
aarch64chromium-24.0.1312.52.bb: Initial fix to support aarch64 buildTom Gall6 years
masternspr: Rename .bbappend to match new version from oe-coreMartin Jansa5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-02-19nspr: Rename .bbappend to match new version from oe-coreHEADmasterMartin Jansa
2014-02-05chromium: Fix build with nss 3.15Diego Rondini
2014-02-04Update after toplevel LICENSE file checksum changeMartin Jansa
2014-01-27nss: Remove in favor of OE-CoreKhem Raj
2013-12-16chromium: Patch file added that removes the deprecated "atk_focus_tracker_not...toolmmy
2013-12-16ninja-native: SCRBRANCH introduced for new fetcher behavior of bitbaketoolmmy
2013-12-16nspr: Update bbappend to version 4.10.2 to match bitabke recipe version in OE...toolmmy
2013-11-21ninja-native: update to Version 1.4Prabhu Sundararaj
2013-11-15nspr: match bbappend with recipe PV in OE-coreKhem Raj
2013-09-10firefox: add nss libraries to PRIVATE_LIBS and add dependency on external nss...Martin Jansa