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2016-03-01tcg: Move definition of type TCGvLluís Vilanova
2016-03-01tcg: Add type for vCPU pointersLluís Vilanova
2016-02-23tcg: Remove unnecessary osdep.h includes from tcg-target.inc.cPeter Maydell
2016-02-23tcg: Rename tcg-target.c to tcg-target.inc.cPeter Maydell
2016-02-23tcg: Allocate indirect_base temporaries in a different orderRichard Henderson
2016-02-23tcg: Implement indirect memory registersRichard Henderson
2016-02-23tcg: Work around clang bug wrt enum ranges, part 2Richard Henderson
2016-02-23all: Clean up includesPeter Maydell
2016-02-09tcg: Introduce temp_loadRichard Henderson
2016-02-09tcg: Change temp_save argument to TCGTempRichard Henderson
2016-02-09tcg: Change temp_sync argument to TCGTempRichard Henderson
2016-02-09tcg: Change temp_dead argument to TCGTempRichard Henderson
2016-02-09tcg: Change reg_to_temp to TCGTemp pointerRichard Henderson
2016-02-09tcg: Remove tcg_get_arg_str_i32/64Richard Henderson
2016-02-09tcg: More use of TCGReg where appropriateRichard Henderson
2016-02-09tcg: Work around clang bug wrt enum rangesRichard Henderson
2016-02-09tcg: Tidy temporary allocationRichard Henderson
2016-02-09tcg: Change ts->mem_reg to ts->mem_baseRichard Henderson
2016-02-09tcg: Change tcg_global_mem_new_* to take a TCGv_ptrRichard Henderson
2016-02-09tcg: Remove lingering references to gen_opc_bufRichard Henderson
2016-02-09tcg: Respect highwater in tcg_out_tb_finalizeRichard Henderson
2016-02-03log: do not unnecessarily include qom/cpu.hPaolo Bonzini
2016-01-29tcg: Clean up includesPeter Maydell
2015-12-01tcg: Increase the highwater reservationRichard Henderson
2015-11-23tcg: Fix highwater checkJohn Clarke
2015-10-19tcg/mips: Support r6 SEL{NE, EQ}Z instead of MOVN/MOVZJames Hogan
2015-10-19tcg/mips: Support r6 multiply/divide encodingsJames Hogan
2015-10-19tcg/mips: Support r6 JR encodingJames Hogan
2015-10-19tcg/mips: Add use_mips32r6_instructions definitionJames Hogan
2015-10-19tcg-opc.h: Simplify insn_start defJames Hogan
2015-10-19tcg/ppc: Prefer mask over andi.Richard Henderson
2015-10-19tcg/ppc: Revise goto_tb implementationRichard Henderson
2015-10-19tcg/ppc: Adjust exit_tb for change in prologue placementRichard Henderson
2015-10-07tcg: Check for overflow via highwater markRichard Henderson
2015-10-07tcg: Emit prologue to the beginning of code_gen_bufferRichard Henderson
2015-10-07tcg: Remove tcg_gen_code_search_pcRichard Henderson
2015-10-07tcg: Remove gen_intermediate_code_pcRichard Henderson
2015-10-07tcg: Save insn data and use it in cpu_restore_state_from_tbRichard Henderson
2015-10-07tcg: Pass data argument to restore_state_to_opcRichard Henderson
2015-10-07tcg: Add TCG_MAX_INSNSRichard Henderson
2015-10-07tcg: Allow extra data to be attached to insn_startRichard Henderson
2015-10-07tcg: Rename debug_insn_start to insn_startRichard Henderson
2015-09-19tcg/mips: pass oi to tcg_out_tlb_loadAurelien Jarno
2015-09-19tcg/mips: move tcg_out_addsub2Aurelien Jarno
2015-09-19tcg/mips: Fix clobbering of qemu_ld inputsJames Hogan
2015-09-16tcg: Move tci_tb_ptr to -commonPeter Crosthwaite
2015-09-16tcg: split tcg_op_defs to -commonPeter Crosthwaite
2015-09-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2015-09-11softmmu: add helper function to pass through retaddrPavel Dovgalyuk
2015-09-11typofixes - v4Veres Lajos