AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-04hw/vexpress: Set reset values for daughterboard oscillatorsvexpress-clocksPeter Maydell
2013-02-04hw/arm_sysctl: Implement SYS_CFG_OSC functionPeter Maydell
2013-02-04hw/vexpress: Pass voltage sensor properties to sysctl devicePeter Maydell
2013-02-04hw/arm_sysctl: Implement SYS_CFG_VOLTPeter Maydell
2013-02-04qdev: Implement (variable length) array propertiesPeter Maydell
2013-02-04hw/arm_sysctl: Convert from qdev init to instance_initPeter Maydell
2013-02-04hw/arm_sysctl: Implement SYS_CFG_DVIMODE as a no-opPeter Maydell
2013-02-04hw/arm_sysctl: Implement SYS_CFG_MUXFPGA writes as a no-opPeter Maydell
2013-02-04hw/arm_sysctl: Handle SYS_CFGCTRL in a more structured wayPeter Maydell
2013-02-04hw/vexpress: Pass proc_id via VEDBoardInfoPeter Maydell
2013-02-02bitops: unify bitops_ffsl with the one in host-utils.h, call it bitops_ctzlPaolo Bonzini
2013-02-02util: Fix compilation of envlist.c for MinGWStefan Weil
2013-02-01Update version for 1.4.0-rc0Anthony Liguori
2013-02-01tap: unbreak -netdev tap,fd=XAnthony Liguori
2013-02-01qom: remove object_deletePaolo Bonzini
2013-02-01cpu: do not use object_deletePaolo Bonzini
2013-02-01qdev: drop extra references at creation timePaolo Bonzini
2013-02-01qdev: inline object_delete into qbus_free/qdev_freePaolo Bonzini
2013-02-01qdev: add reference for the bus while it is referred to by the DeviceStatePaolo Bonzini
2013-02-01qdev: move unrealization of devices from finalize to unparentPaolo Bonzini
2013-02-01qdev: move deletion of children from finalize to unparentPaolo Bonzini
2013-02-01qdev: add reference count to a device for the BusChildPaolo Bonzini
2013-02-01qom: document reference counting of link propertiesPaolo Bonzini
2013-02-01qom: preserve object while unparenting itPaolo Bonzini
2013-02-01pci: use qbus_create in pci_bus_newPaolo Bonzini
2013-02-01qdev: change first argument of qbus_create_inplace to void *Paolo Bonzini
2013-02-01qdev: remove duplication between qbus_create and qbus_create_inplacePaolo Bonzini
2013-02-01accel: change {xen, kvm, tcg, qtest}_allowed from int to boolliguang
2013-02-01vl: correct error message when fail to init kvmliguang
2013-02-01vl: skip init accelerator if it's not availableliguang
2013-02-01sparc: disable qtest in make checkAnthony Liguori
2013-02-01Merge remote-tracking branch 'stefanha/block' into stagingAnthony Liguori
2013-02-01xen: fix build problem introduced from per-queue peersAnthony Liguori
2013-02-01virtio-net: compat multiqueue supportJason Wang
2013-02-01virtio-net: migration support for multiqueueJason Wang
2013-02-01virtio-net: multiqueue supportJason Wang
2013-02-01virtio-net: separate virtqueue from VirtIONetJason Wang
2013-02-01virtio: add a queue_index to VirtQueueJason Wang
2013-02-01virtio: introduce virtio_del_queue()Jason Wang
2013-02-01vhost: multiqueue supportJason Wang
2013-02-01tap: multiqueue supportJason Wang
2013-02-01tap: introduce a helper to get the name of an interfaceJason Wang
2013-02-01tap: support enabling or disabling a queueJason Wang
2013-02-01tap: add Linux multiqueue supportJason Wang
2013-02-01tap: factor out common tap initializationJason Wang
2013-02-01tap: import linux multiqueue constantsJason Wang
2013-02-01net: multiqueue supportJason Wang
2013-02-01net: introduce NetClientState destructorJason Wang
2013-02-01net: introduce qemu_net_client_setup()Jason Wang
2013-02-01net: introduce qemu_find_net_clients_except()Jason Wang