AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-26Merge tag 'linux-user-for-7.1-pull-request' of https://gitlab.com/laurent_viv...stagingPeter Maydell
2022-07-26Merge tag 'net-pull-request' of https://github.com/jasowang/qemu into stagingPeter Maydell
2022-07-26vdpa: Fix memory listener deletions of iova treeEugenio Pérez
2022-07-26vhost: Get vring base from vq, not svqEugenio Pérez
2022-07-26e1000e: Fix possible interrupt loss when using MSIAke Koomsin
2022-07-25Merge tag 'for-upstream2' of https://gitlab.com/bonzini/qemu into stagingPeter Maydell
2022-07-25linux-user: Use target abi_int type for pipefd[1] in pipe()Helge Deller
2022-07-25linux-user: Unconditionally use pipe2() syscallHelge Deller
2022-07-25linux-user/hppa: Fix segfaults on page zeroHelge Deller
2022-07-22hw/i386: pass RNG seed via setup_data entryJason A. Donenfeld
2022-07-22hw/rx: pass random seed to fdtJason A. Donenfeld
2022-07-22hw/mips: boston: pass random seed to fdtJason A. Donenfeld
2022-07-22hw/nios2: virt: pass random seed to fdtJason A. Donenfeld
2022-07-22oss-fuzz: ensure base_copy is a generic-fuzzerAlexander Bulekov
2022-07-22oss-fuzz: remove binaries from qemu-bundle treePaolo Bonzini
2022-07-22accel/kvm: Avoid Coverity warning in query_stats()Peter Maydell
2022-07-22docs: Add caveats for Windows as the build platformBin Meng
2022-07-21Merge tag 'for-upstream' of https://gitlab.com/bonzini/qemu into stagingPeter Maydell
2022-07-20Merge tag 'pull-migration-20220720c' of https://gitlab.com/dagrh/qemu into st...Peter Maydell
2022-07-20Merge tag 'net-pull-request' of https://github.com/jasowang/qemu into stagingPeter Maydell
2022-07-20Merge tag 'pull-request-2022-07-20' of https://gitlab.com/thuth/qemu into sta...Peter Maydell
2022-07-20Revert "gitlab: disable accelerated zlib for s390x"Dr. David Alan Gilbert
2022-07-20migration: Avoid false-positive on non-supported scenarios for zero-copy-sendLeonardo Bras
2022-07-20multifd: Document the locking of MultiFD{Send/Recv}ParamsJuan Quintela
2022-07-20migration/multifd: Report to user when zerocopy not workingLeonardo Bras
2022-07-20Add dirty-sync-missed-zero-copy migration statLeonardo Bras
2022-07-20QIOChannelSocket: Fix zero-copy flush returning code 1 when nothing sentLeonardo Bras
2022-07-20migration: remove unreachable code after reading dataDaniel P. Berrangé
2022-07-20tests: Add postcopy preempt testsPeter Xu
2022-07-20tests: Add postcopy tls recovery migration testPeter Xu
2022-07-20tests: Add postcopy tls migration testPeter Xu
2022-07-20tests: Move MigrateCommon upperPeter Xu
2022-07-20migration: Respect postcopy request order in preemption modePeter Xu
2022-07-20migration: Enable TLS for preempt channelPeter Xu
2022-07-20migration: Export tls-[creds|hostname|authz] params to cmdline tooPeter Xu
2022-07-20migration: Add helpers to detect TLS capabilityPeter Xu
2022-07-20migration: Add property x-postcopy-preempt-break-hugePeter Xu
2022-07-20migration: Create the postcopy preempt channel asynchronouslyPeter Xu
2022-07-20migration: Postcopy recover with preempt enabledPeter Xu
2022-07-20migration: Postcopy preemption enablementPeter Xu
2022-07-20migration: Postcopy preemption preparation on channel creationPeter Xu
2022-07-20migration: Add postcopy-preempt capabilityPeter Xu
2022-07-20multifd: Copy pages before compressing them with zlibIlya Leoshkevich
2022-07-20tests: Add dirty page rate limit testHyman Huang(黄勇)
2022-07-20softmmu/dirtylimit: Implement dirty page rate limitHyman Huang(黄勇)
2022-07-20softmmu/dirtylimit: Implement virtual CPU throttleHyman Huang(黄勇)
2022-07-20accel/kvm/kvm-all: Introduce kvm_dirty_ring_size functionHyman Huang(黄勇)
2022-07-20softmmu/dirtylimit: Implement vCPU dirtyrate calculation periodicallyHyman Huang(黄勇)
2022-07-20migration/dirtyrate: Refactor dirty page rate calculationHyman Huang(黄勇)
2022-07-20cpus: Introduce cpu_list_generation_idHyman Huang(黄勇)