AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
48 min.Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/iwj/tags/for-upstream.depriv-2' into st...stagingPeter Maydell
4 hoursconfigure: do_compiler: Dump some extra info under bashIan Jackson
4 hoursos-posix: cleanup: Replace perror with error_reportIan Jackson
4 hoursos-posix: cleanup: Replace fprintf with error_report in remaining call sitesIan Jackson
4 hoursxen: Expect xenstore write to fail when restrictedRoss Lagerwall
4 hoursxen: Remove now-obsolete xen_xc_domain_add_to_physmapIan Jackson
4 hoursxen: Use newly added dmops for mapping VGA memoryRoss Lagerwall
4 hoursos-posix: Provide new -runas <uid>:<gid> facilityIan Jackson
4 hoursos-posix: cleanup: Replace fprintfs with error_report in change_process_uidIan Jackson
4 hoursxen: destroy_hvm_domain: Try xendevicemodel_shutdownIan Jackson
4 hoursxen: move xc_interface compatibility fallback further up the fileIan Jackson
4 hoursxen: destroy_hvm_domain: Move reason into a variableIan Jackson
4 hoursxen: defer call to xen_restrict until just before os_setup_postIan Jackson
4 hoursxen: restrict: use xentoolcore_restrict_allIan Jackson
4 hoursxen: link against xentoolcoreAnthony PERARD
4 hoursAccelClass: Introduce accel_setup_postIan Jackson
4 hourscheckpatch: Add xendevicemodel_handle to the list of typesIan Jackson
6 hoursvl.c: new function serial_max_hds()Peter Maydell
6 hoursvl.c: Remove compile time limit on number of serial portsPeter Maydell
6 hourssuperio: Don't use MAX_SERIAL_PORTS for serial port limitPeter Maydell
6 hoursserial-isa: Use MAX_ISA_SERIAL_PORTS instead of MAX_SERIAL_PORTSPeter Maydell
6 hourshw/char/exynos4210_uart.c: Remove unneeded handling of NULL chardevPeter Maydell
6 hoursRemove checks on MAX_SERIAL_PORTS that are just bounds checksPeter Maydell
6 hoursChange references to serial_hds[] to serial_hd()Peter Maydell
6 hoursvl.c: Provide accessor function serial_hd() for serial_hds[] arrayPeter Maydell
6 hourshw/xtensa/xtfpga.c: Don't create "null" chardevs for serial devicesPeter Maydell
6 hourshw/mips/mips_malta: Don't create "null" chardevs for serial devicesPeter Maydell
6 hourshw/mips/boston.c: Don't create "null" chardevs for serial devicesPeter Maydell
6 hourshw/arm/fsl-imx*: Don't create "null" chardevs for serial devicesPeter Maydell
6 hourshw/char/serial: Allow disconnected chardevsPeter Maydell
8 hoursMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/pmaydell/tags/pull-target-arm-20180426'...Peter Maydell
8 hoursOpen 2.13 development treePeter Maydell
9 hoursxilinx_spips: Correct SNOOP_NONE state when flushing the txfifopull-target-arm-20180426target-arm.nexttarget-arm.for-upstreamSai Pavan Boddu
9 hourstimer/aspeed: fix vmstate version idCédric Le Goater
9 hourshw/arm/aspeed_soc: don't use vmstate_register_ram_global for SRAMPeter Maydell
9 hourshw/arm/aspeed: don't make 'boot_rom' region 'nomigrate'Peter Maydell
9 hourshw/arm/highbank: don't make sysram 'nomigrate'Peter Maydell
9 hourshw/arm/raspi: Don't bother setting default_cpu_typePeter Maydell
9 hourstarget/arm: Make PMOVSCLR and PMUSERENR 64 bits wideAaron Lindsay
9 hourstarget/arm: Fix bitmask for PMCCFILTR writesAaron Lindsay
9 hourstarget/arm: Allow EL change hooks to do IOAaron Lindsay
9 hourstarget/arm: Add pre-EL change hooksAaron Lindsay
9 hourstarget/arm: Support multiple EL change hooksAaron Lindsay
9 hourstarget/arm: Fetch GICv3 state directly from CPUARMStateAaron Lindsay
9 hourstarget/arm: Mask PMU register writes based on PMCR_EL0.NAaron Lindsay
9 hourstarget/arm: Treat PMCCNTR as alias of PMCCNTR_EL0Aaron Lindsay
9 hourstarget/arm: Check PMCNTEN for whether PMCCNTR is enabledAaron Lindsay
9 hourstarget/arm: Use v7m_stack_read() for reading the frame signaturePeter Maydell
9 hourstarget/arm: Remove stale TODO commentPeter Maydell
9 hoursarm: always start from first_cpu when registering loader cpu reset callbackIgor Mammedov