AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-09-22exec-all.h: increase MAX_OP_PER_INSTR to 96 from 64stable-0.10Aurelien Jarno
2009-09-15Fix Linux task preemption on Versatile boardAurelien Jarno
2009-09-15curses: save 250MB of memoryAurelien Jarno
2009-08-27vnc: rework VncState release workflowChris Webb
2009-08-25Don't segfault when changing VNC password on an SDL display.Zachary Amsden
2009-08-25Fix detached migration with exec.Chris Lalancette
2009-08-25BACKPORT: Fix segfault of qemu-system-arm with PXA targetTorsten Duwe
2009-08-25make windows notice media changeGleb Natapov
2009-08-25e1000.c doesn't properly emulate EERD and ICS registersBill Paul
2009-08-25BACKPORT: vnc: fix copyrect screen corruptionGerd Hoffmann
2009-08-25fix migration to obey -SPaolo Bonzini
2009-07-29fix broken migrationGlauber Costa
2009-07-23vmdk: Fix backing file handlingKevin Wolf
2009-07-23BACKPORT: Add save/restore support to the LSI logic SCSI device model.Nolan
2009-07-23Handle BH's queued by AIO completions in qemu_aio_flush()Nolan
2009-07-20fix for bad macaddr of e1000 in Windows 2003 server with original MS driverNaphtali Sprei
2009-07-16Update changelot for 0.10.6 releasev0.10.6Anthony Liguori
2009-07-16Initialize PS2 keyboard / mouse state on resetDinesh Subhraveti
2009-07-16Reset HPET config register on hpet_resetBeth Kon
2009-07-16honor -S on incoming migrationPaolo Bonzini
2009-07-10Update for 0.10.6 releaseAnthony Liguori
2009-07-10Revert "Make sure to use SDL_CFLAGS everywhere we include SDL headers"Anthony Liguori
2009-07-10flush pending aio requestsGlauber Costa
2009-07-10Make sure to only vm_start() a failed migration if we were running to beginAnthony Liguori
2009-07-10Unregister savevm callback in eeprom93xx_free()Mark McLoughlin
2009-07-10Don't leak VLANClientState on PCI hot removeMark McLoughlin
2009-07-10Substitute O_DSYNC with O_SYNC or O_FSYNC when needed.G 3
2009-07-10sdl: Fix memory leakageJan Kiszka
2009-07-10cpu_unregister_map_client: fix memory leak.Isaku Yamahata
2009-06-16Fix vga_screen_dump_blank() PPM generationEduardo Habkost
2009-06-16Prevent CD-ROM media eject while device is lockedMark McLoughlin
2009-06-16kvm: Fix IRQ injection into full queueJan Kiszka
2009-06-16QEMU KVM: i386: Fix the cpu reset stateNitin A Kamble
2009-06-16virtio blk: fix warning.Gerd Hoffmann
2009-06-16lsi53c895a: Implement write access to DMA Byte CounterSebastian Herbszt
2009-06-16lsi53c895a: Implement read and write access to DMA Next AddressSebastian Herbszt
2009-06-16lsi53c895a: Implement Scratch Byte RegisterSebastian Herbszt
2009-06-16Make sure to use SDL_CFLAGS everywhere we include SDL headersAnthony Liguori
2009-06-16fix qemu_aio_flushAndrea Arcangeli
2009-06-16migrate_fd_close: delete associated io-handler before closing the fdUri Lublin
2009-06-16exec-migration: handle EINTR in popen_get_buffer()Uri Lublin
2009-06-16Fix prototype of function zfree.Stefan Weil
2009-05-28serial: fix lost character after sysrqJason Wessel
2009-05-28Don't send all gratuitous packets at once.Gleb Natapov
2009-05-28Minimal ethernet frame length is 64 bytes.Gleb Natapov
2009-05-28net: Fix -net socket,listen (Jan Kiszka)aliguori
2009-05-27Allow monitor interaction when using migrate -execChris Lalancette
2009-05-27fix raw_pread_aligned return valueChristoph Hellwig
2009-05-27VNC: Fix memory allocation (wrong structure size).Stefan Weil
2009-05-27e1000: Ignore reset commandKevin Wolf