AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-08sparc: Make sure we mmap at SHMLBA alignmentsparc-pagealignPeter Maydell
2017-12-05Update version for v2.11.0-rc4 releasePeter Maydell
2017-12-05vhost-scsi: add missing virtqueue_size parameterEric Farman
2017-12-05Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dgibson/tags/ppc-for-2.11-20171205' int...Peter Maydell
2017-12-05target/ppc: Fix system lockups caused by interrupt_request state corruptionRichard Purdie
2017-12-04Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kevin/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2017-12-04blockjob: Make block_job_pause_all() keep a reference to the jobsAlberto Garcia
2017-12-04Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/mst/tags/for_upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2017-12-04Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dgibson/tags/ppc-for-2.11-20171204' int...Peter Maydell
2017-12-04spapr: Include "pre-plugged" DIMMS in ram size calculation at resetDavid Gibson
2017-12-01pc: fix crash on attempted cpu unplugIgor Mammedov
2017-12-01virtio: check VirtQueue Vring object is setPrasad J Pandit
2017-12-01vhost: fix error check in vhost_verify_ring_mappings()Greg Kurz
2017-12-01dump-guest-memory.py: fix No symbol "vmcoreinfo_find"Marc-André Lureau
2017-12-01vhost: restore avail index from vring used index on disconnectionMaxime Coquelin
2017-12-01virtio: Add queue interface to restore avail index from vring used indexMaxime Coquelin
2017-12-01i386/msi: Correct mask of destination ID in MSI addressChao Gao
2017-11-30target-ppc: Don't invalidate non-supported msr bitsKurban Mallachiev
2017-11-30pseries: fix TCG migrationLaurent Vivier
2017-11-29Update version for v2.11.0-rc3 releasePeter Maydell
2017-11-29Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/kevin/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2017-11-29Merge remote-tracking branch 'mreitz/tags/pull-block-2017-11-29' into queue-b...Kevin Wolf
2017-11-29block/nfs: fix nfs_client_open for filesize greater than 1TBPeter Lieven
2017-11-29blockjob: reimplement block_job_sleep_ns to allow cancellationPaolo Bonzini
2017-11-29blockjob: introduce block_job_do_yieldPaolo Bonzini
2017-11-29blockjob: remove clock argument from block_job_sleep_nsPaolo Bonzini
2017-11-29block: Expect graph changes in bdrv_parent_drained_begin/endKevin Wolf
2017-11-28blockjob: Remove the job from the list earlier in block_job_unref()Alberto Garcia
2017-11-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/ericb/tags/pull-nbd-2017-11-28' into st...Peter Maydell
2017-11-28nbd/server: CVE-2017-15118 Stack smash on large export nameEric Blake
2017-11-28nbd/server: CVE-2017-15119 Reject options larger than 32MEric Blake
2017-11-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/berrange/tags/pull-qio-2017-11-28-1' in...Peter Maydell
2017-11-28sockets: avoid crash when cleaning up sockets for an invalid FDDaniel P. Berrange
2017-11-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/jasowang/tags/net-pull-request' into st...Peter Maydell
2017-11-28virtio-net: don't touch virtqueue if vm is stoppedJason Wang
2017-11-27QAPI & interop: Clarify events emitted by 'block-job-cancel'Kashyap Chamarthy
2017-11-27Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dgibson/tags/ppc-for-2.11-20171127' int...Peter Maydell
2017-11-27qemu-options: Mention locking option of file driverFam Zheng
2017-11-27docs: Add image locking subsectionFam Zheng
2017-11-27iotests: fix 075 and 078John Snow
2017-11-27target/ppc: Fix setting of cpu->compat_pvr on incoming migrationSuraj Jitindar Singh
2017-11-27target/ppc: Move setting of patb_entry on hash table initSuraj Jitindar Singh
2017-11-24osdep.h: Make TIME_MAX handle different time_t typesPeter Maydell
2017-11-24hw/arm/virt: Add 2.11 machine typeEric Auger
2017-11-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/cohuck/tags/s390x-20171124' into stagingPeter Maydell
2017-11-24s390/kvm_virtio/linux-headers: remove traces of old virtio transportChristian Borntraeger
2017-11-23configure: Deal with OpenBSD/i386 emulation linkerBrad Smith
2017-11-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/juanquintela/tags/migration/20171122' i...Peter Maydell
2017-11-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dgibson/tags/ppc-for-2.11-20171122' int...Peter Maydell
2017-11-23Fix build of console and GUI executables for WindowsStefan Weil