AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-14target/arm: Fix typo in helper_sve_movz_dpull-target-arm-20180814Richard Henderson
2018-08-14target/arm: Reorganize SVE WHILERichard Henderson
2018-08-14target/arm: Fix typo in do_sat_addsub_64Richard Henderson
2018-08-14target/arm: Fix sign of sve_cmpeq_ppzw/sve_cmpne_ppzwRichard Henderson
2018-08-14target/arm: Implement tailchaining for M profile coresPeter Maydell
2018-08-14target/arm: Restore M-profile CONTROL.SPSEL before any tailchainingPeter Maydell
2018-08-14target/arm: Initialize exc_secure correctly in do_v7m_exception_exit()Peter Maydell
2018-08-14target/arm: Improve exception-taken loggingPeter Maydell
2018-08-14target/arm: Treat SCTLR_EL1.M as if it were zero when HCR_EL2.TGE is setPeter Maydell
2018-08-14target/arm: Provide accessor functions for HCR_EL2.{IMO, FMO, AMO}Peter Maydell
2018-08-14target/arm: Honour HCR_EL2.TGE when raising synchronous exceptionsPeter Maydell
2018-08-14target/arm: Honour HCR_EL2.TGE and MDCR_EL2.TDE in debug register access checksPeter Maydell
2018-08-14target/arm: Mask virtual interrupts if HCR_EL2.TGE is setPeter Maydell
2018-08-14arm: Fix return code of arm_load_elfAdam Lackorzynski
2018-08-14arm/virt: Add support for GICv2 virtualization extensionsLuc Michel
2018-08-14xlnx-zynqmp: Improve GIC wiring and MMIO mappingLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Improve tracesLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Implement maintenance interrupt generationLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Implement gic_update_virt() functionLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Implement the virtual interface registersLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Wire the vCPU interfaceLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Implement virtualization extensions in gic_cpu_(read|write)Luc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Implement virtualization extensions in gic_(deactivate|complete...Luc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Implement virtualization extensions in gic_acknowledge_irqLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Implement virtualization extensions in gic_(activate_irq|drop_p...Luc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Add virtualization enabled IRQ helper functionsLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Refactor secure/ns access check in the CPU interfaceLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Add virtualization extensions helper macros and functionsLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Add virtual interface register definitionsLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Add the virtualization extensions to the GIC stateLuc Michel
2018-08-14vmstate.h: Provide VMSTATE_UINT16_SUB_ARRAYLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Remove some dead code and put some functions staticLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Implement GICD_ISACTIVERn and GICD_ICACTIVERn registersLuc Michel
2018-08-14intc/arm_gic: Refactor operations on the distributorLuc Michel
2018-08-14accel/tcg: Check whether TLB entry is RAM consistently with how we set it upPeter Maydell
2018-08-14target/arm: Allow execution from small regionsPeter Maydell
2018-08-14accel/tcg: Return -1 for execution from MMIO regions in get_page_addr_code()Peter Maydell
2018-08-14accel/tcg: tb_gen_code(): Create single-insn TB for execution from non-RAMPeter Maydell
2018-08-14accel/tcg: Handle get_page_addr_code() returning -1 in tb_check_watchpoint()Peter Maydell
2018-08-14accel/tcg: Handle get_page_addr_code() returning -1 in hashtable lookupsPeter Maydell
2018-08-14accel/tcg: Pass read access type through to io_readx()Peter Maydell
2018-08-14nvic: Change NVIC to support ARMv6-MJulia Suvorova
2018-08-14arm: Add ARMv6-M programmer's model supportJulia Suvorova
2018-08-14nvic: Handle ARMv6-M SCS reserved registersJulia Suvorova
2018-08-14target/arm: Forbid unprivileged mode for M BaselineJulia Suvorova
2018-08-14Update version for v3.0.0 releasePeter Maydell
2018-08-07Update version for v3.0.0-rc4 releasePeter Maydell
2018-08-07virtio-gpu: fix crashes upon warm reboot with vga modeMarc-André Lureau
2018-08-07slirp: Correct size check in m_inc()Peter Maydell
2018-08-06target/xtensa/cpu: Set owner of memory region in xtensa_cpu_initfnThomas Huth