AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-24armv7m: R14 should reset to 0xffffffffm-profile-fixesPeter Maydell
2017-01-24armv7m: FAULTMASK should be 0 on resetMichael Davidsaver
2017-01-24armv7m: Honour CCR.USERSETMPENDMichael Davidsaver
2017-01-24armv7m: Report no-coprocessor faults correctlyPeter Maydell
2017-01-24armv7m: set CFSR.UNDEFINSTR on undefined instructionsMichael Davidsaver
2017-01-24armv7m: honour CCR.STACKALIGN on exception entryMichael Davidsaver
2017-01-24armv7m: implement CCR, CFSR, HFSR, DFSR, BFAR, and MMFARMichael Davidsaver
2017-01-24armv7m: add state for v7M CCR, CFSR, HFSR, DFSR, MMFAR, BFARPeter Maydell
2017-01-24armv7m_nvic: keep a pointer to the CPUMichael Davidsaver
2017-01-24target/arm: Drop IS_M() macroPeter Maydell
2017-01-24armv7m: Clear FAULTMASK on return from non-NMI exceptionsMichael Davidsaver
2017-01-24armv7m: Fix reads of CONTROL register bit 1Michael Davidsaver
2017-01-24hw/registerfields.h: Pull FIELD etc macros out of hw/register.hPeter Maydell
2017-01-24armv7m: Explicit error for bad vector tableMichael Davidsaver
2017-01-24armv7m: Replace armv7m.hack with unassigned_access handlerMichael Davidsaver
2017-01-24armv7m: MRS/MSR: handle unprivileged accessMichael Davidsaver
2017-01-24arm: stellaris: make MII accesses complete immediatelyMichael Davidsaver
2017-01-24stellaris: Use the 'unimplemented' device for parts we don't implementPeter Maydell
2017-01-24hw/misc: New "unimplemented" sysbus devicePeter Maydell
2017-01-24stellaris: Document memory map and which SoC devices are unimplementedPeter Maydell
2017-01-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/rth/tags/pull-hppa-20170123' into stagingPeter Maydell
2017-01-23target-hppa: Implement floating-point insnsRichard Henderson
2017-01-23target-hppa: Implement system and memory-management insnsRichard Henderson
2017-01-23target-hppa: Implement loads and storesRichard Henderson
2017-01-23target-hppa: Implement shifts and depositsRichard Henderson
2017-01-23target-hppa: Implement linux-user gateway pageRichard Henderson
2017-01-23target-hppa: Implement branchesRichard Henderson
2017-01-23target-hppa: Implement basic arithmeticRichard Henderson
2017-01-23target-hppa: Add nullification frameworkRichard Henderson
2017-01-23target-hppa: Add framework and enable compilationRichard Henderson
2017-01-23target-hppa: Add softfloat specializationsRichard Henderson
2017-01-23linux-user: Add HPPA startup and main loopRichard Henderson
2017-01-23linux-user: Add HPPA signal handlingRichard Henderson
2017-01-23linux-user: Add HPPA target_signal.h and target_cpu.hRichard Henderson
2017-01-23linux-user: Add HPPA target_structs.hRichard Henderson
2017-01-23linux-user: Add HPPA definitions to syscall_defs.hRichard Henderson
2017-01-23linux-user: Add HPPA target_syscall.hRichard Henderson
2017-01-23linux-user: Add HPPA termbits.hRichard Henderson
2017-01-23linux-user: Add HPPA syscall numbersRichard Henderson
2017-01-23linux-user: Add HPPA socket.h definitionsRichard Henderson
2017-01-23linux-user: Add some hppa ioctlsHelge Deller
2017-01-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/berrange/tags/pull-qio-2017-01-23-2' in...Peter Maydell
2017-01-23io: introduce a DNS resolver APIDaniel P. Berrange
2017-01-23io: remove Error parameter from QIOTask thread workerDaniel P. Berrange
2017-01-23io: change the QIOTask callback signatureDaniel P. Berrange
2017-01-23io: add ability to associate an error with a taskDaniel P. Berrange
2017-01-23io: add ability to associate an opaque "result" with with a taskDaniel P. Berrange
2017-01-23io: fix typo in docs for QIOTaskDaniel P. Berrange
2017-01-23io: stop incrementing reference in qio_task_get_sourceDaniel P. Berrange
2017-01-23sockets: add ability to disable DNS resolution for InetSocketAddressDaniel P. Berrange