AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-10-23configure: Enable KVM on ARMkvm-arm-v13Peter Maydell
2012-10-23hw/kvm/arm_gic: Implement support for KVM in-kernel ARM GICPeter Maydell
2012-10-23target-arm: Use MemoryListener to identify GIC base address for KVMPeter Maydell
2012-10-23linux-headers: update with VGIC related headers (not for upstream)Peter Maydell
2012-10-23hw/arm_gic: Add presave/postload hooksPeter Maydell
2012-10-23ARM KVM: save and load VFP registers from kernelPeter Maydell
2012-10-23ARM: KVM: Add support for KVM on ARM architectureChristoffer Dall
2012-10-23linux-headers: Add ARM KVM headers (not for upstream)Peter Maydell
2012-10-22usb-serial: only expose device in guest when the chardev is openGerd Hoffmann
2012-10-22usb-serial: don't magically zap chardev on umplugGerd Hoffmann
2012-10-22serial: add pci-serial documentationGerd Hoffmann
2012-10-22serial: add 2x + 4x pci variantGerd Hoffmann
2012-10-22serial: add windows inf file for the pci card to docsGerd Hoffmann
2012-10-22serial: add pci variantGerd Hoffmann
2012-10-22serial: split serial.cGerd Hoffmann
2012-10-22Call MADV_HUGEPAGE for guest RAM allocationsLuiz Capitulino
2012-10-22Merge remote-tracking branch 'quintela/migration-next-20121017' into stagingAnthony Liguori
2012-10-22Merge remote-tracking branch 'qemu-kvm/memory/dma' into stagingAnthony Liguori
2012-10-22pci: honor PCI_COMMAND_MASTERAvi Kivity
2012-10-22pci: give each device its own address spaceAvi Kivity
2012-10-22memory: add address_space_destroy()Avi Kivity
2012-10-22dma: make dma access its own address spaceAvi Kivity
2012-10-22memory: per-AddressSpace dispatchAvi Kivity
2012-10-22s390: avoid reaching into memory core internalsAvi Kivity
2012-10-22memory: use AddressSpace for MemoryListener filteringAvi Kivity
2012-10-22memory: move tcg flush into a tcg memory listenerAvi Kivity
2012-10-22memory: move address_space_memory and address_space_io out of memory coreAvi Kivity
2012-10-22memory: manage coalesced mmio via a MemoryListenerAvi Kivity
2012-10-22fix CONFIG_QEMU_HELPERDIR generation againMichael Tokarev
2012-10-20target-sparc: fix FMOVr instructionAurelien Jarno
2012-10-20hw/pl031: Use LOG_GUEST_ERRORPeter Maydell
2012-10-20hw/pl022: Use LOG_UNIMP and LOG_GUEST_ERRORPeter Maydell
2012-10-20hw/pl011: Use LOG_UNIMP and LOG_GUEST_ERRORPeter Maydell
2012-10-20hw/pl190: Use LOG_GUEST_ERRORPeter Maydell
2012-10-20hw/pl041: Use LOG_UNIMPPeter Maydell
2012-10-20hw/pl181: Use LOG_UNIMP and LOG_GUEST_ERRORPeter Maydell
2012-10-20hw/hw.h: Add include of qemu-log.hPeter Maydell
2012-10-20qemu-log: Add new log category for guest bugsPeter Maydell
2012-10-20target-sparc: Remove cpu_tmp0 as a globalRichard Henderson
2012-10-20target-sparc: Make cpu_dst local to OP=2 insnsRichard Henderson
2012-10-20target-sparc: Only use cpu_dst for eventual writes to a gprRichard Henderson
2012-10-20target-sparc: Remove last uses of cpu_tmp64Richard Henderson
2012-10-20target-sparc: Remove cpu_tmp64 use from softint insnsRichard Henderson
2012-10-20target-sparc: Don't use a temporary for gen_dest_fpr_DRichard Henderson
2012-10-20target-sparc: Remove usage of cpu_tmp64 from most helper functionsRichard Henderson
2012-10-20target-sparc: Tidy ldfsr, stfsrRichard Henderson
2012-10-20target-sparc: Avoid cpu_tmp32 in Write Priv RegisterRichard Henderson
2012-10-20target-sparc: Avoid cpu_tmp32 in Read Priv RegisterRichard Henderson
2012-10-20target-sparc: Use get_temp_i32 in gen_dest_fpr_FRichard Henderson
2012-10-20target-sparc: Split out get_temp_i32Richard Henderson