AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-10-18target-arm: Use MemoryListener to identify GIC base address for KVMkvm-arm-dev-addr-testPeter Maydell
2012-10-17linux-headers: add new definitions for irqchip initPeter Maydell
2012-10-17configure: Enable KVM on ARMPeter Maydell
2012-10-17ARM KVM: save and load VFP registers from kernelPeter Maydell
2012-10-17hw/kvm/arm_gic: Implement support for KVM in-kernel ARM GICPeter Maydell
2012-10-17hw/arm_gic: Add presave/postload hooksPeter Maydell
2012-10-17ARM: KVM: Add support for KVM on ARM architectureChristoffer Dall
2012-10-17linux-headers: Add ARM KVM headers (not for upstream)Peter Maydell
2012-10-17tcg: Optimize mulu2Richard Henderson
2012-10-17tcg: Optimize half-dead add2/sub2Richard Henderson
2012-10-17tcg: Constant fold add2 and sub2Richard Henderson
2012-10-17tcg: Do constant folding on double-word comparisonsRichard Henderson
2012-10-17tcg: Split out subroutines from do_constant_folding_condRichard Henderson
2012-10-17tcg: Optimize double-word comparisons against zeroRichard Henderson
2012-10-17tcg: Use common code when failing to optimizeRichard Henderson
2012-10-17tcg: Swap commutative double-word comparisonsRichard Henderson
2012-10-17tcg: Canonicalize add2 operand orderingRichard Henderson
2012-10-17tcg: Split out swap_commutative as a subroutineRichard Henderson
2012-10-17target-mips: Pass MIPSCPU to mips_vpe_sleep()Andreas Färber
2012-10-17target-mips: Pass MIPSCPU to mips_tc_sleep()Andreas Färber
2012-10-17target-mips: Pass MIPSCPU to mips_vpe_is_wfi()Andreas Färber
2012-10-17target-mips: Pass MIPSCPU to mips_tc_wake()Andreas Färber
2012-10-17target-mips: Clean up other_cpu in helper_{d,e}vpe()Andreas Färber
2012-10-17tcg-ia64: Implement depositRichard Henderson
2012-10-17tcg/ia64: slightly optimize TLB access codeAurelien Jarno
2012-10-17tcg/ia64: remove suboptimal register shifting in qemu_ld/st opsAurelien Jarno
2012-10-17tcg/ia64: implement movcond_i32/64Aurelien Jarno
2012-10-17tcg/ia64: use stack for TCG tempsBlue Swirl
2012-10-17tcg/arm: Implement movcond_i32Peter Maydell
2012-10-17tcg/arm: Factor out code to emit immediate or reg-reg opPeter Maydell
2012-10-14Fix popcnt in long modemalc
2012-10-13sun4u: Pass SPARCCPU to cpu_set_ivec_irq()Andreas Färber
2012-10-13sun4u: Pass SPARCCPU to cpu_kick_irq()Andreas Färber
2012-10-13sun4u: Pass SPARCCPU to {,s,hs}tick_irq() and cpu_timer_create()Andreas Färber
2012-10-13sun4m: Pass SPARCCPU to cpu_kick_irq()Andreas Färber
2012-10-13sun4m: Pass SPARCCPU to cpu_set_irq()Andreas Färber
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Emit MOVR insns for setcond_i64 and movcond_64Richard Henderson
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Emit BPr insns for brcond_i64Richard Henderson
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Dump illegal opode contentsRichard Henderson
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Drop use of Bicc in favor of BPccRichard Henderson
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Optimize setcond2 equality compare with 0.Richard Henderson
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Use Z constraint for %g0Richard Henderson
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Fix add2/sub2Richard Henderson
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Fix setcondRichard Henderson
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Fix qemu_st for 32-bitRichard Henderson
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Fix setcond2Richard Henderson
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Implement movcond.Richard Henderson
2012-10-13tcg-sparc: Fix brcond2Richard Henderson
2012-10-13target-sparc: Don't compute full flags value so oftenRichard Henderson
2012-10-13target-sparc: Avoid unnecessary local temporariesRichard Henderson