AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-20random build hacksaarch64-bustedPeter Maydell
2013-05-20linux-user: AArch64 requires at least 3.8.0Alexander Graf
2013-05-20ARM: Add aarch64 target to configureAlexander Graf
2013-05-20linux-user: Add AArch64 supportAlexander Graf
2013-05-20linux-user: Add signal handling for AArch64Andreas Schwab
2013-05-20linux-user: Fix up AArch64 syscall handlersAlexander Graf
2013-05-20linux-user: Add syscall handling for AArch64Alexander Graf
2013-05-20linux-user: Don't treat aarch64 cpu names speciallyAlexander Graf
2013-05-20AArch64: Add gdb stubAlexander Graf
2013-05-20ARM: Add AArch64 translation stubAlexander Graf
2013-05-20ARM: Prepare translation for AArch64 codeAlexander Graf
2013-05-20ARM: Export cpu_envAlexander Graf
2013-05-20ARM: Extract the disas struct to a header fileAlexander Graf
2013-05-20tcg/aarch64: implement new TCG target for aarch64Claudio Fontana
2013-05-20include/elf.h: add aarch64 ELF machine and relocsClaudio Fontana
2013-05-20configure: permit compilation on arm aarch64Claudio Fontana
2013-05-20target-arm: Explicitly convert TCGv to/from TCGv_i32 for qemu_ld/stPeter Maydell
2013-05-20target-arm: Don't use TCGv when we mean TCGv_i32Peter Maydell
2013-05-20configure: Report unknown target names more helpfullyPeter Maydell
2013-05-20configure: Autogenerate default target listPeter Maydell
2013-05-20qapi-schema.json: Reformat TargetType enum to one-per-linePeter Maydell
2013-05-10target-i386: ROR r8/r16 imm instruction fixAurelien Jarno
2013-05-09tcg/optimize: fix setcond2 optimizationAurelien Jarno
2013-05-08Update version for 1.5.0-rc1Anthony Liguori
2013-05-08Merge remote-tracking branch 'kwolf/for-anthony' into stagingAnthony Liguori
2013-05-08virtio: properly validate address before accessing configJason Wang
2013-05-08virtio-pci: fix level interruptsMichael S. Tsirkin
2013-05-08Merge branch 'ppc-for-upstream' of git://github.com/agraf/qemuAurelien Jarno
2013-05-08PPC: Fix rldclAlexander Graf
2013-05-08PPC: Depend behavior of cmp instructions only on instruction encodingAlexander Graf
2013-05-08target-mips: fix incorrect behaviour for INSVPetar Jovanovic
2013-05-08target-mips: add missing check_dspr2 for multiply instructionsPetar Jovanovic
2013-05-08qemu-iotests: fix 017 018 for vmdkFam Zheng
2013-05-08qemu-iotests: exclude vmdk and qcow from 043Fam Zheng
2013-05-08qemu-iotests: exclude vmdk for test 042Fam Zheng
2013-05-08qtest/ide-test: Test short and long PRDTsKevin Wolf
2013-05-08qtest/ide-test: Add simple DMA read/write test caseKevin Wolf
2013-05-08qtest: Add IDE test caseKevin Wolf
2013-05-08libqos/pci: Enable bus masteringKevin Wolf
2013-05-08ide: Reset BMIDEA bit when the bus master is stoppedKevin Wolf
2013-05-08de_DE.po: Add missing leading spacesKevin Wolf
2013-05-08ahci: Don't allow creating slave drivesKevin Wolf
2013-05-07Update version for qemu-1.5.0-rc0Anthony Liguori
2013-05-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'kraxel/usb.82' into stagingAnthony Liguori
2013-05-07qga: set umask 0077 when daemonizing (CVE-2013-2007)Laszlo Ersek
2013-05-07virtio-net: properly check the vhost status during status setJason Wang
2013-05-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'afaerber/qom-cpu' into stagingAnthony Liguori
2013-05-07xhci: handle USB_RET_BABBLEGerd Hoffmann
2013-05-07uhci: Use an intermediate buffer for usb packet dataHans de Goede
2013-05-07usb-host: add usb_host_full_speed_compatGerd Hoffmann