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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-08-08EHCI: fix direction handling for interrupt data togglesAlan Stern
2011-08-08EHCI: only power off port if over-current is activeSergei Shtylyov
2011-08-08USB: dummy-hcd needs the has_tt flagAlan Stern
2011-08-08usb: musb: restore INDEX register in resume pathAjay Kumar Gupta
2011-08-08USB: OHCI: fix another regression for NVIDIA controllersAlan Stern
2011-08-08USB: serial: add IDs for WinChipHead USB->RS232 adapterWolfgang Denk
2011-08-08USB: pl2303.h: checkpatch cleanupsGreg Kroah-Hartman
2011-08-08USB: pl2303: add AdLink ND-6530 USB IDsManuel Jander
2011-07-13USB: don't let the hub driver prevent system sleepAlan Stern
2011-07-13USB: don't let errors prevent system sleepAlan Stern
2011-07-13xhci: Reject double add of active endpoints.Sarah Sharp
2011-06-23USB: xhci - fix interval calculation for FS isoc endpointsDmitry Torokhov
2011-06-23USB: serial: add another 4N-GALAXY.DE PID to ftdi_sio driverSteffen Sledz
2011-06-23USB: core: Tolerate protocol stall during hub and port status readLibor Pechacek
2011-06-23USB: cdc-acm: Adding second ACM channel support for Nokia E7 and C7Toby Gray
2011-06-23OHCI: fix regression caused by nVidia shutdown workaroundAlan Stern
2011-06-23xhci: Fix full speed bInterval encoding.Sarah Sharp
2011-06-23usb: gadget: rndis: don't test against req->lengthFelipe Balbi
2011-06-23usb/gadget: at91sam9g20 fix end point max packet sizeJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD
2011-06-23USB: gamin_gps: Fix for data transfer problems in native modeHermann Kneissel
2011-06-23USB: serial: ftdi_sio: adding support for TavIR STK500Benedek László
2011-06-23USB: moto_modem: Add USB identifier for the Motorola VE240.Elizabeth Jennifer Myers
2011-06-23USB: CP210x Add 4 Device IDs for AC-Services DevicesCraig Shelley
2011-05-09usb: musb: core: set has_tt flagFelipe Balbi
2011-05-09USB: teach "devices" file about Wireless and SuperSpeed USBAlan Stern
2011-05-09USB: don't enable remote wakeup by defaultAlan Stern
2011-05-09USB: retain USB device power/wakeup setting across reconfigurationDan Streetman
2011-04-22USB: xhci - fix math in xhci_get_endpoint_interval()Dmitry Torokhov
2011-04-22USB: xhci - fix unsafe macro definitionsDmitry Torokhov
2011-04-22USB: fix formatting of SuperSpeed endpoints in /proc/bus/usb/devicesDmitry Torokhov
2011-04-22USB: EHCI: unlink unused QHs when the controller is stoppedAlan Stern
2011-04-22USB: option: Added support for Samsung GT-B3730/GT-B3710 LTE USB modem.Marius B. Kotsbak
2011-04-22USB: option: Add new ONDA vendor id and product id for ONDA MT825UPEnrico Mioso
2011-04-22USB: ftdi_sio: add ids for Hameg HO720 and HO730Paul Friedrich
2011-04-22USB: ftdi_sio: add PID for OCT DK201 docking stationJohan Hovold
2011-04-22USB: ftdi_sio: Added IDs for CTI USB Serial DevicesChristian Simon
2011-03-27USB: cdc-acm: fix potential null-pointer dereference on disconnectJohan Hovold
2011-03-27USB: cdc-acm: fix potential null-pointer dereferenceJohan Hovold
2011-03-27USB: cdc-acm: fix memory corruption / panicJohan Hovold
2011-03-27USB: uss720 fixup refcount positionPeter Holik
2011-03-27ehci-hcd: Bug fix: don't set a QH's Halt bitAlan Stern
2011-03-23xhci: Fix cycle bit calculation during stall handling.Sarah Sharp
2011-03-23USB: serial: ch341: add new idwangyanqing
2011-03-23USB: serial/kobil_sct, fix potential tty NULL dereferenceJiri Slaby
2011-03-07usb: iowarrior: don't trust report_size for buffer sizeKees Cook
2011-03-02xhci: Fix an error in count_sg_trbs_needed()Paul Zimmerman
2011-03-02xhci: Fix errors in the running total calculations in the TRB mathPaul Zimmerman
2011-03-02xhci: Clarify some expressions in the TRB mathPaul Zimmerman
2011-03-02xhci: Avoid BUG() in interrupt contextPaul Zimmerman
2011-03-02sierra: add new ID for Airprime/Sierra USB IP modemJon Thomas