path: root/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/ixgbe
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-15ixgbe: Fix handling of NAPI budget when multiple queues are enabled per vectorAlexander Duyck
2015-12-03ixgbe: Reset interface after enabling SR-IOVAlexander Duyck
2015-10-23ixgbe, ixgbevf: Add new mbox API xcast modeHiroshi Shimamoto
2015-10-23ixgbe: Add new ndo to trust VFHiroshi Shimamoto
2015-10-16drivers/net/intel: use napi_complete_done()Jesse Brandeburg
2015-10-16drivers/net: get rid of unnecessary initializations in .get_drvinfo()Ivan Vecera
2015-10-15ixgbe: Check for setup_internal_link methodMark Rustad
2015-10-15ixgbe: Fix CS4227-related semaphore error on reset failureMark Rustad
2015-10-15ixgbe: disable LRO by defaultEmil Tantilov
2015-10-13ixgbe: add flow control ethertype to the anti-spoofing filterEmil Tantilov
2015-09-23ixgbe: Advance version to 4.2.1Mark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: X540 thermal warning interrupt not a GPIMark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Fix FCRTH value in VM-to-VM loopback modeMark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Only clear adapter_stopped if ixgbe_setup_fc succeededMark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Correct several flaws with with DCA setupMark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Add new X550EM SFP+ device IDMark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Update ixgbe_disable_pcie_master flow for X550*Mark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Add small packet padding support for X550Mark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Correct setting of RDRXCTL register for X550* devicesMark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Correct error path in semaphore handlingMark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Add I2C bus mux supportMark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Limit SFP polling rateMark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Allow SFP+ on more than 82598 and 82599Mark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Add logic to reset CS4227 when neededMark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Fix 1G and 10G link stability for X550EM_x SFP+Mark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Add X550EM_x dual-speed SFP+ supportMark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Allow reduced delays during SFP detectionMark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Clear I2C destination locationMark Rustad
2015-09-22ixgbe: Enable bit-banging mode on X550Mark Rustad
2015-09-22ixgbe: Set lan_id before first I2C eeprom accessMark Rustad
2015-09-22ixgbe: Provide unlocked I2C methodsMark Rustad
2015-09-22ixgbe: Provide I2C combined on X550EMMark Rustad
2015-09-22ixgbe: Add X550EM support for SFP insertion interruptMark Rustad
2015-09-22ixgbe: Accept SFP not present errors on all devicesMark Rustad
2015-09-22ixgbe: Add fdir support for SCTP on X550Don Skidmore
2015-09-22ixgbe: Add SFP+ detection for X550 hardwareDon Skidmore
2015-09-15ixgbe: Limit lowest interrupt rate for adaptive interrupt moderation to 12KAlexander Duyck
2015-09-15ixgbe: Teardown SR-IOV before unregister_netdev()Alex Williamson
2015-09-15ixgbe: fix issue with SFP events with new X550 devicesDon Skidmore
2015-09-01ixgbe: Resolve "initialized field overwritten" warningsMark Rustad
2015-09-01ixgbe: Remove bimodal SR-IOV disablingAlex Williamson
2015-09-01ixgbe: Add support for reporting 2.5G link speedMark Rustad
2015-09-01ixgbe: fix bounds checking in ixgbe_setup_tc for 82598Emil Tantilov
2015-09-01ixgbe: support for ethtool set_rxfhTom Barbette
2015-09-01ixgbe: Avoid needless PHY access on copper physMark Rustad
2015-09-01ixgbe: cleanup to use cached mask valueDon Skidmore
2015-09-01ixgbe: Remove second instance of lan_id variableDon Skidmore
2015-09-01ixgbe: use kzalloc for allocating one thingManinder Singh
2015-09-01ixgbe: Remove unused PCI bus typesDon Skidmore
2015-09-01ixgbe: add new bus type for intergrated I/O interface (IOSF)Don Skidmore