path: root/drivers/input/mouse/elantech.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-05-06Input: elantech - fix absolute mode setting on some ASUS laptopsUlrik De Bie
2014-06-07Input: elantech - fix touchpad initialization on Gigabyte U2442Hans de Goede
2013-08-24Input: elantech - fix packet check for v3 and v4 hardwareMatteo Delfino
2011-11-20Input: elantech - add resolution query support for v4 hardwareJJ Ding
2011-11-20Input: elantech - add support for elantech fast commandJJ Ding
2011-09-20Input: elantech - better support all those v2 variantsJJ Ding
2011-09-09Input: elantech - add v4 hardware supportJJ Ding
2011-09-09Input: elantech - add v3 hardware supportJJ Ding
2011-09-09Input: elantech - remove ETP_EDGE_FUZZ_V2JJ Ding
2011-09-09Input: elantech - use firmware provided x, y rangesJJ Ding
2011-09-09Input: elantech - get rid of ETP_2FT_* in elantech.hJJ Ding
2011-05-16Input: elantech - export pressure and width when supportedÉric Piel
2010-08-05Input: elantech - discard the first 2 positions on some firmwaresÉric Piel
2010-05-13Input: elantech - use all 3 bytes when checking versionDmitry Torokhov
2009-09-10Input: psmouse - use boolean typeDmitry Torokhov
2009-04-18Input: elantech - provide a workaround for jumpy cursor on firmware 2.34Arjan Opmeer
2008-10-16Input: psmouse - add support for Elantech touchpadsArjan Opmeer