path: root/arch/arm/boot/dts/omap4-panda-common.dtsi
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-12ARM: dts: Use defined GPIO constants in flags cell for OMAP2+ boardsJavier Martinez Canillas
2015-04-22Merge tag 'armsoc-dt' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm/ar...Linus Torvalds
2015-03-24ARM: dts: add wl12xx/wl18xx bindingsEliad Peller
2015-03-15ARM: omap: convert wakeupgen to stacked domainsMarc Zyngier
2014-09-03ARM: dts: omap4-panda: Fix model and SoC family detailsNishanth Menon
2014-05-06ARM: dts: Fix omap serial wake-up when booted with device treeTony Lindgren
2014-03-19ARM: omap4-panda.dts: add display informationTomi Valkeinen
2014-03-04ARM: OMAP2+: Remove legacy_init_ehci_clk()Roger Quadros
2014-02-28ARM: dts: omap4-panda-common: No need to disable the unused audio nodesPeter Ujfalusi
2014-02-28ARM: dts: omap4-panda-common: Move audio related pinmux to respective nodesPeter Ujfalusi
2013-12-02ARM: dts: omap4-panda-common: Fix pin muxing for wl12xxBalaji T K
2013-10-29ARM: dts: omap4-panda: add DPI pinmuxingTomi Valkeinen
2013-10-11ARM: dts: omap4-panda: Use reset-gpios for hsusb1_resetRoger Quadros
2013-10-08ARM: dts: twl6030: Move common configuration for OMAP4 boards in a separate d...Ruslan Bilovol
2013-09-18ARM: dts: Fix muxing and regulator for wl12xx on the SDIO bus for pandaboardTony Lindgren
2013-06-19ARM: dts: omap4-panda: Fix DVI EDID readsRoger Quadros
2013-06-19ARM: dts: omap4-panda: Add USB Host supportRoger Quadros
2013-06-18ARM: dts: omap4-panda: Update the twl6040 gpio to macro definitionDan Murphy
2013-06-18ARM: dts: omap4-panda: Update the LED support for the pandaDan Murphy
2013-06-18ARM: dts: OMAP2+: Use pinctrl constantsFlorian Vaussard
2013-06-18ARM: dts: OMAP4/5: Use existing constants for IRQsFlorian Vaussard
2013-06-18ARM: dts: OMAP2+: Use existing constants for GPIOsFlorian Vaussard
2013-06-18ARM: dts: OMAP2+: Use #include for all device treesFlorian Vaussard
2013-06-03ARM: dts: omap4-panda|sdp: Fix mux for twl6030 IRQ pin and msecure lineKevin Hilman
2013-04-09ARM: dts: omap4-panda: move generic sections to panda-commonNishanth Menon