AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-08Linux 3.4.76v3.4.76Greg Kroah-Hartman
2014-01-08hwmon: (w83l768ng) Fix fan speed control rangeJean Delvare
2014-01-08selinux: process labeled IPsec TCP SYN-ACK packets properly in selinux_ip_pos...Paul Moore
2014-01-08selinux: look for IPsec labels on both inbound and outbound packetsPaul Moore
2014-01-08sh: always link in helper functions extracted from libgccGeert Uytterhoeven
2014-01-08sched: Avoid throttle_cfs_rq() racing with period_timer stoppingBen Segall
2014-01-08gpio: msm: Fix irq mask/unmask by writing bits instead of numbersStephen Boyd
2014-01-08jbd2: don't BUG but return ENOSPC if a handle runs out of spaceTheodore Ts'o
2014-01-08GFS2: Fix incorrect invalidation for DIO/buffered I/OSteven Whitehouse
2014-01-08GFS2: don't hold s_umount over blkdev_putSteven Whitehouse
2014-01-08Input: allocate absinfo data when setting ABS capabilityDmitry Torokhov
2014-01-08mm/hugetlb: check for pte NULL pointer in __page_check_address()Jianguo Wu
2014-01-08rtlwifi: pci: Fix oops on driver unloadLarry Finger
2014-01-08radiotap: fix bitmap-end-finding buffer overrunJohannes Berg
2014-01-08libata: add ATA_HORKAGE_BROKEN_FPDMA_AA quirk for Seagate Momentus SpinPoint M8Michele Baldessari
2014-01-08cpupower: Fix segfault due to incorrect getopt_long arugmentsJosh Boyer
2014-01-08powerpc: Align p_endAnton Blanchard
2014-01-08powerpc: Fix bad stack check in exception entryMichael Neuling
2014-01-08ath9k_htc: properly set MAC address and BSSID maskMathy Vanhoef
2014-01-08ath9k: Fix interrupt handling for the AR9002 familySujith Manoharan
2014-01-08dm9601: work around tx fifo sync issue on dm962xPeter Korsgaard
2014-01-08dm9601: fix reception of full size ethernet frames on dm9620/dm9621aPeter Korsgaard
2014-01-08ceph: Avoid data inconsistency due to d-cache aliasing in readpage()Li Wang
2014-01-08drm/radeon: 0x9649 is SUMO2 not SUMOAlex Deucher
2014-01-08drm/radeon: fix asic gfx values for scrapper asicsAlex Deucher
2014-01-08net_dma: mark brokenDan Williams
2014-01-08drm/edid: add quirk for BPC in Samsung NP700G7A-S01PL notebookRafał Miłecki
2014-01-08sched/rt: Fix rq's cpupri leak while enqueue/dequeue child RT entitiesKirill Tkhai
2014-01-08ext4: check for overlapping extents in ext4_valid_extent_entries()Eryu Guan
2014-01-08ext4: fix use-after-free in ext4_mb_new_blocksJunho Ryu
2014-01-08intel_idle: enable IVB Xeon supportLen Brown
2014-01-08intel_idle: initial IVB supportLen Brown
2014-01-08ftrace: Initialize the ftrace profiler for each possible cpuMiao Xie
2014-01-08selinux: selinux_setprocattr()->ptrace_parent() needs rcu_read_lock()Oleg Nesterov
2014-01-08selinux: fix broken peer recv checkChad Hanson
2014-01-08usb: cdc-wdm: manage_power should always set needs_remote_wakeupBjørn Mork
2014-01-08ALSA: Add SNDRV_PCM_STATE_PAUSED case in wait_for_avail functionJongHo Kim
2014-01-08ASoC: wm8904: fix DSP mode B configurationBo Shen
2014-01-08TTY: pmac_zilog, check existence of ports in pmz_console_init()Geert Uytterhoeven
2014-01-08powerpc: kvm: fix rare but potential deadlock scenepingfan liu
2014-01-08ceph: wake up 'safe' waiters when unregistering requestYan, Zheng
2014-01-08ceph: cleanup aborted requests when re-sending requests.Yan, Zheng
2014-01-08USB: serial: fix race in generic writeJohan Hovold
2013-12-20Linux 3.4.75v3.4.75Greg Kroah-Hartman
2013-12-20ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: Fix SOFTRESET logicRoger Quadros
2013-12-20Revert "net: update consumers of MSG_MORE to recognize MSG_SENDPAGE_NOTLAST"Greg Kroah-Hartman
2013-12-20hpfs: fix warnings when the filesystem fills upMikulas Patocka
2013-12-20sc1200_wdt: Fix oopsAlan
2013-12-20staging: comedi: ssv_dnp: use comedi_dio_update_state()H Hartley Sweeten
2013-12-20staging: comedi: pcmuio: fix possible NULL deref on detachIan Abbott