AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-29dm crypt: fix missing error code return from crypt_ctr error pathv3.18/topic/dm-cryptWei Yongjun
2015-06-29dm crypt: leverage immutable biovecs when decrypting on readMike Snitzer
2015-06-29dm crypt: update URLs to new cryptsetup project pageMilan Broz
2015-06-29dm crypt: sort writesMikulas Patocka
2015-06-29dm crypt: add 'submit_from_crypt_cpus' optionMikulas Patocka
2015-06-29dm crypt: offload writes to threadMikulas Patocka
2015-06-29dm crypt: remove unused io_pool and _crypt_io_poolMikulas Patocka
2015-06-29dm crypt: avoid deadlock in mempoolsMikulas Patocka
2015-06-29dm crypt: don't allocate pages for a partial requestMikulas Patocka
2015-06-29dm crypt: use unbound workqueue for request processingMikulas Patocka
2015-06-14Linux 3.18.16v3.18.16Sasha Levin
2015-06-14arch/x86/kvm/mmu.c: work around gcc-4.4.4 bugAndrew Morton
2015-06-14md/raid0: fix restore to sector variable in raid0_make_requestEric Work
2015-06-13Linux 3.18.15v3.18.15Sasha Levin
2015-06-11ARM: OMAP3: Fix booting with thumb2 kernelTony Lindgren
2015-06-10xfrm: release dst_orig in case of error in xfrm_lookup()huaibin Wang
2015-06-10ARC: unbork !LLSC buildVineet Gupta
2015-06-10power/reset: at91: fix return value check in at91_reset_platform_probe()Wei Yongjun
2015-06-10vfs: read file_handle only once in handle_to_pathSasha Levin
2015-06-10drm/radeon: partially revert "fix VM_CONTEXT*_PAGE_TABLE_END_ADDR handling"Christian König
2015-06-10drm/radeon: don't share plls if monitors differ in audio supportAlex Deucher
2015-06-10drm/radeon: retry dcpd fetchAlex Deucher
2015-06-10drm/radeon: fix VM_CONTEXT*_PAGE_TABLE_END_ADDR handlingChristian König
2015-06-10drm/radeon: add new bonaire pci idAlex Deucher
2015-06-10iwlwifi: pcie: prevent using unmapped memory in fw monitorLiad Kaufman
2015-06-10ACPI / init: Fix the ordering of acpi_reserve_resources()Rafael J. Wysocki
2015-06-10sd: Disable support for 256 byte/sector disksMark Hounschell
2015-06-10storvsc: Set the SRB flags correctly when no data transfer is neededK. Y. Srinivasan
2015-06-10rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Fix kernel deadlockLarry Finger
2015-06-10md/raid5: don't record new size if resize_stripes fails.NeilBrown
2015-06-10thermal: armada: Update Armada 380 thermal sensor coefficientsNadav Haklai
2015-06-10firmware: dmi_scan: Fix ordering of product_uuidJean Delvare
2015-06-10svcrpc: fix potential GSSX_ACCEPT_SEC_CONTEXT decoding failuresScott Mayhew
2015-06-10nfsd: fix the check for confirmed openowner in nfs4_preprocess_stateid_opChristoph Hellwig
2015-06-10mm, numa: really disable NUMA balancing by default on single node machinesMel Gorman
2015-06-10tools/vm: fix page-flags buildAndi Kleen
2015-06-10parisc,metag: Fix crashes due to stack randomization on stack-grows-upwards a...Helge Deller
2015-06-10ARM: fix missing syscall trace exitRussell King
2015-06-10ARM: dts: imx27: only map 4 Kbyte for fec registersPhilippe Reynes
2015-06-10ARM: 8356/1: mm: handle non-pmd-aligned end of RAMMark Rutland
2015-06-10sched: Handle priority boosted tasks proper in setscheduler()Thomas Gleixner
2015-06-10s390/mm: correct return value of pmd_pfnMartin Schwidefsky
2015-06-10mac80211: don't use napi_gro_receive() outside NAPI contextJohannes Berg
2015-06-10mac80211: move WEP tailroom size checkJanusz Dziedzic
2015-06-10crypto: s390/ghash - Fix incorrect ghash icv buffer handling.Harald Freudenberger
2015-06-10gpio: gpio-kempld: Fix get_direction return valueMichael Brunner
2015-06-10rt2x00: add new rt2800usb device DWA 130Scott Branden
2015-06-10arm64: bpf: fix signedness bug in loading 64-bit immediateXi Wang
2015-06-10libata: Ignore spurious PHY event on LPM policy changeGabriele Mazzotta
2015-06-10libata: Add helper to determine when PHY events should be ignoredGabriele Mazzotta