AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-16net/Kconfig: paranoid only for androidv3.18/topic/aosp-fixesKevin Hilman
2015-06-16android: configs: base: enable IPV6Kevin Hilman
2015-06-08sched: cpufreq: update power usage only if cpufreq_stat is enabledAmit Pundir
2015-06-08cpufreq: Iterate over all the possible cpus to create powerstats.Ruchi Kandoi
2015-06-08uid_cputime: Extends the cputime functionality to report power per uidRuchi Kandoi
2015-06-08sched: cpufreq: Adds a field cpu_power in the task_structRuchi Kandoi
2015-06-02cpufreq_stats: Adds the fucntionality to load current values for each frequencyRuchi Kandoi
2015-05-28cgroup: Fix issues in allow_attach callbackRom Lemarchand
2015-05-27New Build Breakage in branch: kernel-m-dev-tegra-flounder-3.10 @ 1960706Mark Salyzyn
2015-05-27net/unix: sk_socket can disappear when state is unlockedMark Salyzyn
2015-05-26selinux: enable genfscon labeling for sysfs and pstore filesStephen Smalley
2015-05-22ext4: don't save the error information if the block device is read-onlyTheodore Ts'o
2015-05-21selinux: enable per-file labeling for debugfs files.Stephen Smalley
2015-05-19cpufreq: interactive: Rearm governor timer at max freqRohit Gupta
2015-05-19cpufreq: interactive: Implement cluster-based min_sample_timeJunjie Wu
2015-05-19cpufreq: interactive: Exercise hispeed settings at a policy levelSaravana Kannan
2015-05-19cpufreq: interactive: Round up timer_rate to match jiffyJunjie Wu
2015-05-19cpufreq: interactive: Don't set floor_validate_time during boostJunjie Wu
2015-05-18suspend: Return error when pending wakeup source is found.Ruchi Kandoi
2015-05-11proc: uid_cputime: fix show_uid_stat permissionJin Qian
2015-05-11nf: IDLETIMER: Fix broken uid field in the msgAmit Pundir
2015-05-11UPSTREAM: staging: android: Assign bool to trueRhyland Klein
2015-05-11UPSTREAM: Staging: android: ion: fix typos in commentsRhyland Klein
2015-05-11UPSTREAM: staging: android: ion: Replace "the the " with "the"Rhyland Klein
2015-05-06usb: gadget: Do not disconnect unregistered devBadhri Jagan Sridharan
2015-05-04ipv4: Missing sk_nulls_node_init() in ping_unhash().David S. Miller
2015-04-29arm64: fix ftrace due to bad cherry-picks from mainline v3.19Daniel Kurtz
2015-04-29SELinux: ss: Fix policy write for ioctl operationsJeff Vander Stoep
2015-04-28nf: IDLETIMER: Adds the uid field in the msgRuchi Kandoi
2015-04-23arm64: ptrace: add NT_ARM_SYSTEM_CALL regsetAKASHI Takahiro
2015-04-22android: configs: Enable SELinux and its dependencies.Stephen Smalley
2015-04-22arm64: add seccomp supportAKASHI Takahiro
2015-04-22arm64: add SIGSYS siginfo for compat taskAKASHI Takahiro
2015-04-22arm64: add seccomp syscall for compat taskAKASHI Takahiro
2015-04-22asm-generic: add generic seccomp.h for secure computing mode 1AKASHI Takahiro
2015-04-22arm64: ptrace: allow tracer to skip a system callAKASHI Takahiro
2015-04-22arm64: entry: avoid writing lr explicitly for constructing return pathsWill Deacon
2015-04-22Revert "arm64: ptrace: add PTRACE_SET_SYSCALL"Daniel Kurtz
2015-04-22Revert "arm64: ptrace: allow tracer to skip a system call"Daniel Kurtz
2015-04-22Revert "asm-generic: add generic seccomp.h for secure computing mode 1"Daniel Kurtz
2015-04-22Revert "arm64: add SIGSYS siginfo for compat task"Daniel Kurtz
2015-04-22Revert "arm64: add seccomp support"Daniel Kurtz
2015-04-22Revert "add seccomp syscall for compat task"Daniel Kurtz
2015-04-22Revert "seccomp: arm64: Fix compile time errors"Daniel Kurtz
2015-04-21SELinux: use deletion-safe iterator to free listJeff Vander Stoep
2015-04-20subsystem: CPU FREQUENCY DRIVERS- Set cpu_load calculation on current frequencyrahul.khandelwal
2015-04-15proc: uid_cputime: create uids from kuidsAmit Pundir
2015-04-14SELinux: per-command whitelisting of ioctlsJeff Vander Stoep
2015-04-14security: lsm_audit: add ioctl specific auditingJeff Vander Stoep
2015-04-14power: wakeup_reason: fix suspend time reportingAmit Pundir