AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-20Merge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-rtlsk-v4.4-16.05-rtAlex Shi
2016-05-20 Merge tag 'v4.4.11' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4lsk-v4.4-16.05Alex Shi
2016-05-18Linux 4.4.11Greg Kroah-Hartman
2016-05-18nf_conntrack: avoid kernel pointer value leak in slab nameLinus Torvalds
2016-05-18drm/radeon: fix DP link training issue with second 4K monitorArindam Nath
2016-05-18drm/i915/bdw: Add missing delay during L3 SQC credit programmingImre Deak
2016-05-18drm/i915: Bail out of pipe config compute loop on LPTDaniel Vetter
2016-05-18drm/radeon: fix PLL sharing on DCE6.1 (v2)Lucas Stach
2016-05-18Revert "[media] videobuf2-v4l2: Verify planes array in buffer dequeueing"Mauro Carvalho Chehab
2016-05-18Input: max8997-haptic - fix NULL pointer dereferenceMarek Szyprowski
2016-05-18get_rock_ridge_filename(): handle malformed NM entriesAl Viro
2016-05-18tools lib traceevent: Do not reassign parg after collapse_tree()Steven Rostedt
2016-05-18qla1280: Don't allocate 512kb of host tagsJohannes Thumshirn
2016-05-18atomic_open(): fix the handling of create_errorAl Viro
2016-05-18regulator: axp20x: Fix axp22x ldo_io voltage rangesHans de Goede
2016-05-18regulator: s2mps11: Fix invalid selector mask and voltages for buck9Krzysztof Kozlowski
2016-05-18workqueue: fix rebind bound workers warningWanpeng Li
2016-05-18ARM: dts: at91: sam9x5: Fix the memory range assigned to the PMCBoris Brezillon
2016-05-18vfs: rename: check backing inode being equalMiklos Szeredi
2016-05-18vfs: add vfs_select_inode() helperMiklos Szeredi
2016-05-18perf/core: Disable the event on a truncated AUX recordAlexander Shishkin
2016-05-18regmap: spmi: Fix regmap_spmi_ext_read in multi-byte caseJack Pham
2016-05-18pinctrl: at91-pio4: fix pull-up/down logicLudovic Desroches
2016-05-18spi: spi-ti-qspi: Handle truncated frames properlyBen Hutchings
2016-05-18spi: spi-ti-qspi: Fix FLEN and WLEN settings if bits_per_word is overriddenBen Hutchings
2016-05-18spi: pxa2xx: Do not detect number of enabled chip selects on Intel SPTJarkko Nikula
2016-05-18ALSA: hda - Fix broken reconfigTakashi Iwai
2016-05-18ALSA: hda - Fix white noise on Asus UX501VW headsetKaho Ng
2016-05-18ALSA: hda - Fix subwoofer pin on ASUS N751 and N551Yura Pakhuchiy
2016-05-18ALSA: usb-audio: Yet another Phoneix Audio device quirkTakashi Iwai
2016-05-18ALSA: usb-audio: Quirk for yet another Phoenix Audio devices (v2)Takashi Iwai
2016-05-18crypto: testmgr - Use kmalloc memory for RSA inputHerbert Xu
2016-05-18crypto: hash - Fix page length clamping in hash walkHerbert Xu
2016-05-18crypto: qat - fix invalid pf2vf_resp_wq logicTadeusz Struk
2016-05-18s390/mm: fix asce_bits handling with dynamic pagetable levelsGerald Schaefer
2016-05-18zsmalloc: fix zs_can_compact() integer overflowSergey Senozhatsky
2016-05-18ocfs2: fix posix_acl_create deadlockJunxiao Bi
2016-05-18ocfs2: revert using ocfs2_acl_chmod to avoid inode cluster lock hangJunxiao Bi
2016-05-18net/route: enforce hoplimit max valuePaolo Abeni
2016-05-18tcp: refresh skb timestamp at retransmit timeEric Dumazet
2016-05-18net: thunderx: avoid exposing kernel stackxypron.glpk@gmx.de
2016-05-18net: fix a kernel infoleak in x25 moduleKangjie Lu
2016-05-18uapi glibc compat: fix compile errors when glibc net/if.h included before lin...Mikko Rapeli
2016-05-18bridge: fix igmp / mld query parsingLinus Lüssing
2016-05-18net: bridge: fix old ioctl unlocked net device walkNikolay Aleksandrov
2016-05-18VSOCK: do not disconnect socket when peer has shutdown SEND onlyIan Campbell
2016-05-18net/mlx4_en: Fix endianness bug in IPV6 csum calculationDaniel Jurgens
2016-05-18net: fix infoleak in rtnetlinkKangjie Lu
2016-05-18net: fix infoleak in llcKangjie Lu
2016-05-18net: fec: only clear a queue's work bit if the queue was emptiedUwe Kleine-König