path: root/include/linux/libata.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-07-05[PATCH] libata: reimplement controller-wide PMTejun Heo
2006-07-05[PATCH] libata: reimplement per-dev PMTejun Heo
2006-07-05[PATCH] libata: implement PM EH actionsTejun Heo
2006-07-05[PATCH] libata: separate out __ata_ehi_hotplugged()Tejun Heo
2006-07-05[PATCH] libata: implement ATA_EHI_NO_AUTOPSY and QUIETTejun Heo
2006-07-05[PATCH] libata: clean up debounce parameters and improve parameter selectionTejun Heo
2006-07-05[PATCH] libata: implement ATA_EHI_RESUME_LINKTejun Heo
2006-07-05[PATCH] libata: add ap->pflags and move core dynamic flags to itTejun Heo
2006-06-26[PATCH] libata: implement ata_port_max_devices()Tejun Heo
2006-06-26[PATCH] libata.h needs scatterlist.hAndrew Morton
2006-06-22[libata] Add host lock to struct ata_portJeff Garzik
2006-06-22[PATCH] libata: implement per-dev EH action mask eh_info->dev_action[]Tejun Heo
2006-06-12[PATCH] libata: add host_set->next for legacy two host_sets case, take #3Tejun Heo
2006-06-12libata: fix build, by adding required workqueue member to port structJeff Garzik
2006-06-11[PATCH] libata: cosmetic change in struct ata_portTejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata-hp: killl ops->probe_resetTejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata-hp: update unload-unplugTejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata-hp: implement warmplugTejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata-hp: implement SCSI part of hotplugTejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata-hp: implement hotplugTejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata: export ata_hsm_move()Tejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata-hp-prep: add prereset() method and implement ata_std_prereset()Tejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata-hp-prep: implement sata_phy_debounce()Tejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata-hp-prep: store attached SCSI deviceTejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata-hp-prep: implement ap->hw_sata_spd_limitTejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata-hp-prep: make some ata_device fields persistentTejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata-hp-prep: add flags and eh_info/context fields for hotplugTejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata: implement ata_eh_wait()Tejun Heo
2006-05-31[PATCH] libata: shift host flag constantsTejun Heo
2006-05-26[PATCH] libata: add pio_data_xfer_noirqAlan Cox
2006-05-24[PATCH] libata: Remove obsolete flagAlan Cox
2006-05-24[PATCH] PATCH: libata. Add ->data_xfer methodAlan Cox
2006-05-20[PATCH] libata: Fix the HSM error_mask mapping (was: Re: libata-tj and SMART)Albert Lee
2006-05-15Merge branch 'max-sect' into upstreamJeff Garzik
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-ncq: implement NCQ device configurationTejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-ncq: implement ap->qc_active, ap->sactive and complete helperTejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-ncq: rename ap->qactive to ap->qc_allocatedTejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-ncq: add NCQ related ATA/libata constants and macrosTejun Heo
2006-05-15Merge branch 'irq-pio'Tejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-eh: implement BMDMA EHTejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-eh: implement new EHTejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-eh: implement ata_eh_info and ata_eh_contextTejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-eh: implement dev->eringTejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-eh: add ATA and libata flags for new EHTejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-eh-fw: update ata_scsi_error() for new EHTejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-eh-fw: implement freeze/thawTejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-eh-fw: implement ata_port_schedule_eh() and ata_port_abort()Tejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-eh-fw: implement new EH scheduling via error completionTejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-eh-fw: update ata_qc_from_tag() to enforce normal/EH qc ownershipTejun Heo
2006-05-15[PATCH] libata-eh-fw: use special reserved tag and qc for internal commandsTejun Heo