path: root/include/asm-blackfin/mach-bf561/cdefBF561.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-08-27Blackfin arch: move include/asm-blackfin header files to arch/blackfinBryan Wu
2008-04-24[Blackfin] arch: Prevent potential Core Hang situationMichael Hennerich
2008-02-25[Blackfin] arch: add bfin_clear_PPIx_STATUS() helper funcs like we have for o...Mike Frysinger
2007-07-25Blackfin arch: reorganize headers slightly so we can be sure things are defin...Mike Frysinger
2007-07-25Blackfin arch: use the [CS]SYNC() macros which include anomaly workarounds ra...Mike Frysinger
2007-08-05Blackfin arch: fix the aliased write macrosRobin Getz
2007-07-24Blackfin arch: setup aliases for some core Core A MMRsMike Frysinger
2007-07-12Blackfin arch: clean up some coding style issuesBryan Wu
2007-06-21Blackfin arch: add missing implementations SIC_IWR crosses several registersMichael Hennerich
2007-05-21Blackfin arch: Move write to VR_CTL closer to IDLEMichael Hennerich
2007-05-07blackfin architectureBryan Wu