AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-12-16imx6q: add cpu suspend/resume supportfor-jasonchenJason Chen
2011-12-16IMX uart: add wake up source for debuggingJason Chen
2011-12-16DEBUG LL: change early printk uart from uart4 to uart2Jason Chen
2011-12-16MXC IRAM: enable IRAMJason Chen
2011-12-16MXC SRC: refine IPU VPU reset functionJason Chen
2011-12-16mxc hdmi core: add Kconfig dependency of MXC_IPUJason Chen
2011-12-16imx6: change ipu_perclk to 8.25M according to fsl branchJason Chen
2011-12-16MXC LDB: add hwtype supportJason Chen
2011-12-16mxc.h: change FORCE_MAX_ZONEORDER for ARCH_MX6Q to SOC_IMX6Q changeJason Chen
2011-12-16imx6q-sabrelite: add vpu dt supportJason Chen
2011-12-16MXC: add linux/iram_alloc.hJason Chen
2011-12-16MXC VPU: merge to fsl 2.6.38 branchJason Chen
2011-12-16mxc.h: add dummy cpu_is_mx37()Jason Chen
2011-12-16imx6q-sabrelite: fix init_consistent_dma_size build errorJason Chen
2011-12-16imx6q-sabrelite: add a tmp method for IOMUX settingJason Chen
2011-12-16imx6q: add clock debugfs supportJason Chen
2011-12-16imx6q_sabrelite_defconfig: change for display changeJason Chen
2011-12-16MXC V4L2 output: add dt supportJason Chen
2011-12-16MXC V4L2 output: porting to fsl imx_2.6.38 branch baseJason Chen
2011-12-16imx6q-sabrelite: add ldb dt supportJason Chen
2011-12-16imx6q-sabrelite: add pwm and pwm-bl dt supportJason Chen
2011-12-16imx6q-sabrelite: add ipuv3 fb dt supportJason Chen
2011-12-16imx6q-sabrelite: add mxc hdmi and related i2c dt supportJason Chen
2011-12-16imx6q-saberlite: add ipu3 dt supportJason Chen
2011-12-16MXC HDMI: porting to fsl imx_2.6.38 branch baseJason Chen
2011-12-16IPU3 FB: merge to fsl imx_2.6.38 branch baseJason Chen
2011-12-16IPU3: merge to fsl imx_2.6.38 branch baseJason Chen
2011-12-05SAUCE: fix building errors of arch/arm/plat-mxc/lluart.cEric Miao
2011-12-05imx6q: change FORCE_MAX_ZONEORDER to 14Jason Chen
2011-12-05imx6q-sabrelite: set consistent DMA buffer size to 64MJason Chen
2011-12-05mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: support 8 bit MMCRichardZhu
2011-12-05mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: sd dat1 glitch causes system panicRichardZhu
2011-12-05mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: workaround for TC intr coming ealier than DMA intriRichardZhu
2011-12-05net: fec: add ksz9021_phy_fixupRichard Zhao
2011-12-05net: fec: fix phy probe issueRichard Zhao
2011-12-05imx6q-sabrelite.dts: add phy-reset-gpiosRichard Zhao
2011-12-05add imx6q_sabrelite_defconfigRichard Zhao
2011-12-05imx6: add imx6q sabrelite board supportRichard Zhao
2011-12-05SAUCE: fix the missing header of <linux/module.h>Eric Miao
2011-12-05SAUCE: fix the removal of mxc_register_device()Eric Miao
2011-12-04SAUCE: mx53_loco: fix gpio_to_irq() being non-constantEric Miao
2011-12-04SAUCE: fix building errors after rebased to v3.2Eric Miao
2011-12-04LINARO: Add lt-mx5_defconfigEric Miao
2011-12-04MXC PWM: should active during STOP/DOZE/WAIT modeJason Chen
2011-12-04ARM i.MX5: fix system_rev if not set by atag or DTJason Chen
2011-12-04ENGR00162701 mxc_vout: fix potential deadlock of fb_blankJason Chen
2011-12-04ENGR00162666 mxc_vout: v4l2 playback blocking issueJason Chen
2011-12-04ENGR00162665 ipuv3 fb: fix non-interleave format wrong color issueJason Chen
2011-12-04ENGR00162664 mxc_vout: modify pp bypass conditionJason Chen
2011-12-04ENGR00162663 ipuv3 fb: add vertical flip supportJason Chen