AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-12-01ENGR00162885 mx6q: sabrelite: add flexcan supporter3Dong Aisheng
2011-12-01ENGR00162478 MX6 Sabre-lite, add ASRC supportMahesh Mahadevan
2011-12-01ENGR00162732 [MX6q] Correct gpu2d clock settingLarry Li
2011-12-01usb: gadget: file_storage: fix race on unloadingYauheni Kaliuta
2011-12-01ENGR00162701 mxc_vout: fix potential deadlock of fb_blankJason Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162176 ipu: fix v4l2 capture issues when display blankYuxi Sun
2011-12-01ENGR00161644 usb-gadget: prime directly for status dTD of ep0Peter Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162506 mx6q: set a correct clock for asrcDong Aisheng
2011-12-01ENGR00162666 mxc_vout: v4l2 playback blocking issueJason Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162665 ipuv3 fb: fix non-interleave format wrong color issueJason Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162664 mxc_vout: modify pp bypass conditionJason Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162663 ipuv3 fb: add vertical flip supportJason Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162646 [DVFS]Fix build warningAnson Huang
2011-12-01ENGR00162643 [MX6]Decline SOC LDO voltage to make suspend/resume workAnson Huang
2011-12-01ENGR00162612 [Mx6]Change arm core voltage of suspend for 1G cpufreqAnson Huang
2011-12-01ENGR00162583-3 usb header: avoid class driver access register after usb is offPeter Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162583-2 usb driver: avoid class driver access register after usb is offPeter Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162583-1 usb msl: avoid class driver access register after usb is offPeter Chen
2011-12-01usb: gadget: file_storage: fix race on unloadingYauheni Kaliuta
2011-12-01ENGR00162475 ipuv3 fb: fix camera preview failureYuxi Sun
2011-12-01ENGR00162319: MX6 - Add support for updated VDDARM voltagesRanjani Vaidyanathan
2011-12-01ENGR00162013 - FEC : Fix loss interrupt when add "rootwait"Fugang Duan
2011-12-01ENGR00162198 [MX6q_ARM2]filesystem: Kernel dump if unplug SD card during bonnieTony Lin
2011-12-01ENGR00162335-2 [mx6q_arm2]SD card 3.0 can't be recognizedTony Lin
2011-12-01ENGR00162335-1 [mx6q_arm2]SD card 3.0 can't be recognizedTony Lin
2011-12-01ENGR00162460:MX6-Revert "MX6-Disable PLL1 when CPU clk is below 400MHz."Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2011-12-01ENGR00139276-2 MX6 BT: Enable basic bluetooth support to mx6q platformLionel Xu
2011-12-01ENGR00139276-1 MX6 BT: Add basic bluetooth support to mx6 platformLionel Xu
2011-12-01ENGR00162364 flexcan: fix endless errors causing system hangDong Aisheng
2011-12-01ENGR00162360 mxc_vout: fix STREAMOFF and G_CROP issuesJason Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162358 ipuv3 fb: only check pos when fb is unblankJason Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162354 ipuv3 device: correct kthread operation for split taskJason Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162334 Revert "ENGR00161764 mx6q: disable gc355 temporally"wu guoxing
2011-12-01ENGR00162326 GPU: name AMD and Viv GPU correctlywu guoxing
2011-12-01ENGR00162325 mx6:Make GPU as kernel module defaultlywu guoxing
2011-12-01ENGR00162330 [mx6]Only mask irq#86 and #125 for wait modeAnson Huang
2011-12-01ENGR00162318: MX6: Donot power down PLL when PLL is disabledRanjani Vaidyanathan
2011-12-01ENGR00162231 [Thermal]Remove unnecessary messageAnson Huang
2011-12-01ENGR00162218 mxc_vout: put set position function before set varJason Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162208 ipuv3 device: fix jitter issue of split modeJason Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162206 mxc_vout: resize output crop on-the-flyJason Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162064 mxc v4l2 output: check ipu task in S_CROP ioctlJason Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162114 mx6: OpenVG can not work with latest kernelwu guoxing
2011-12-01ENGR00162115 [WDOG]Should suspend timer in LPMAnson Huang
2011-12-01ENGR00162093 mx6q: use gpio_set_value_cansleep for sleepable gpiosDong Aisheng
2011-12-01ENGR00162010-2 [Thermal]Add calibration to thermalAnson Huang
2011-12-01ENGR00162010-1 [MX6]Build in thermal driverAnson Huang
2011-12-01ARM: 6674/1: LPAE: use long long format when printing physical addresses and ...Will Deacon
2011-12-01ENGR00161948 mxc v4l2 output: fix case of input crop with xoffsetJason Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00143921-3 - PLAT-MXC - Update IOMUX settings for EPDCDanny Nold