path: root/arch/arm/lib/board.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-10-22ARM : Remove unused CONFIG_DRIVER_SMC91111, CONFIG_DRIVER_LAN91C96Ashok
2012-10-19arm: fdt: Relocate fdt along with other dataSimon Glass
2012-10-15serial: Remove CONFIG_SERIAL_MULTI from remaining sourcesMarek Vasut
2012-09-04arm: Adds board_postclk_init to the init_sequence.Markus Hubig
2012-07-20ARM: lib: Remove CONFIG_ARCH_CPU_INIT dependencyFabio Estevam
2012-07-07ARM: introduce arch_early_init_r()Fabio Estevam
2012-05-15net: move bootfile init into eth_initializeMike Frysinger
2012-05-15net: punt bd->bi_ip_addrMike Frysinger
2012-03-29arm: Check for valid FDT after console is upSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: arm: Add bootstage calls in board and bootmSimon Glass
2012-02-12davinci: add support for printing clock frequencyHadli, Manjunath
2011-11-22net: rtl8109: drop unused !NET_MULTI driverMike Frysinger
2011-10-28Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-armWolfgang Denk
2011-10-27cosmetic: s/BOARD_LATE_INIT/CONFIG_BOARD_LATE_INITHelmut Raiger
2011-10-27arm, logbuffer: make it compilecleanHeiko Schocher
2011-10-26fdt: ARM: Add fdtcontroladdr to set device tree address in environmentSimon Glass
2011-10-26fdt: ARM: Implement and verify embedded and separate device treeSimon Glass
2011-10-24arm: Correct build error introduced by getenv_ulong() patchSimon Glass
2011-10-23arm: Use getenv_ulong() in place of getenv(), strtoulSimon Glass
2011-10-09arch/arm/lib/board.c: fix warning: variable ... set but not usedWolfgang Denk
2011-10-05net: drop !NET_MULTI codeMike Frysinger
2011-10-05POST/arm: adaptations needed for POST on ARM to workValentin Longchamp
2011-09-13led: remove camel casing of led identifiers globallyJason Kridner
2011-09-04arm: do not force d-cache enable on all boardsAneesh V
2011-09-03arm: fix bd pointer dereference prior initializationIgor Grinberg
2011-09-03arm, lib/board.c: use gd->ram_size instead of bd->bi_memsizeHeiko Schocher
2011-08-04cosmetic: arm: lib/board.c: Coding Style cleanupHeiko Schocher
2011-07-28unify version_stringAndreas BieƟmann
2011-07-26replace CONFIG_PRELOADER with CONFIG_SPL_BUILDAneesh V
2011-07-17arm: add CONFIG_MACH_TYPE setting and documentationIgor Grinberg
2011-07-04armv7: integrate cache maintenance supportAneesh V
2011-07-04armv7: rename cache related CONFIG flagsAneesh V
2011-06-23Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-armWolfgang Denk
2011-06-23run arm_pci_init after relocationMichael Schwingen
2011-06-22ARM: drop unsupported 'trab' boardWolfgang Denk
2011-04-27Don't grab memory for LCD if FB address is definedMinkyu Kang
2011-04-27ARM: fix stack pointer adjustment in board_init_f()Eric Cooper
2011-03-27arm: fix incorrect monitor protection region in FLASHPo-Yu Chuang
2011-01-19Replace "FLASH" strings with "Flash" or "flash"Peter Tyser
2010-12-08arm: add 8-byte alignment for ABI compliance before board_init_fHeiko Schocher
2010-10-29Drop support for CONFIG_SYS_ARM_WITHOUT_RELOCWolfgang Denk
2010-10-23ARM: fix relocation support for onenand device.Enric Balletbo i Serra
2010-10-19Merge branch 'elf_reloc'Wolfgang Denk
2010-10-13env_mmc: Fix crashing bug encountered after enabling ARM relocationSteve Sakoman
2010-10-13arm: implement ELF relocationsAlbert Aribaud
2010-10-11davinci_emac: davinci_eth_set_mac_addr to ->write_hwaddrBen Gardiner
2010-09-19ARM: add relocation supportHeiko Schocher
2010-09-19Save environment data to mmc.Terry Lv
2010-08-04Rename getenv_r() into getenv_f()Wolfgang Denk