BranchCommit messageAuthorAge Fix quoting.Yvan Roux10 months
diana_picus/formatFix testrn.pyDiana Picus18 months
diana_picus/worktreeMove branch deletion functionality to GitRepoDiana Picus17 months
masterMove to Python3 #2Yvan Roux4 months
ryan_arnold/regenlinaropy/rn/ Fix unassigned variable.Yvan Roux14 months
ryan_arnold/rngenRename GitRepo::log's parameter to numcommitsDiana Picus17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-11-10Move to Python3 #2HEADmasterYvan Roux
2017-03-21Move to Python3Diana Picus
2017-02-01linaropy/rn/ Fix unassigned variable.Yvan Roux calling log() should be print_log()Ryan S. Arnold Copy rendered files to $USER/public_html/Ryan S. Arnold
2016-12-22Provide variations on git log and git rev-listRyan S. Arnold
2016-12-21Derive -rc1 release-notes from a previous release branch.Ryan S. Arnold
2016-12-21Correct formatting of Vers::strfversion() for None point/minorRyan S. Arnold
2016-12-21PEP8 GitRepo::branchexists() to GitRepo::branch_exists()Ryan S. Arnold Update FILESERVER defaultMaxim Kuvyrkov