AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-18Creating release_90 branch off revision 366426release_90Hans Wennborg
2019-07-17[OPENMP] Resolve lost LoopTripCnt for subsequent loops in same thread.Ron Lieberman
2019-07-17Remove REQUIRES OMP spec version within lit testsJonathan Peyton
2019-07-16[OpenMP] Move header inclusion out of 'extern "C"'Jonas Hahnfeld
2019-07-16[OPENMP][NVPTX]Fixed checks for cuda versions.Alexey Bataev
2019-07-16[OPENMP]Fix threadid in __kmpc_omp_taskwait call for dependent target calls.Alexey Bataev
2019-07-12[OpenMP] Remove OMP spec versioningJonathan Peyton
2019-07-12[libomptarget] Fix typos and grammar in error messages, NFC.Jonas Hahnfeld
2019-07-11[libomptarget-nvptx] Remove dead functionsJonas Hahnfeld
2019-07-10NFC: fixed typo #ifdef --> #if to allow macro set to 0 work correctlyAndrey Churbanov
2019-07-08[OPENMP]Rename loopTripCnt member data to LoopTripCnt, NFC.Alexey Bataev
2019-07-08[OPENMP]Make __kmpc_push_tripcount thread safe.Alexey Bataev
2019-07-02Create a runtime option to disable task throttling.Andrey Churbanov
2019-07-02Cleanup of unused codeAndrey Churbanov
2019-06-27[OPENMP][NVPTX]Relax flush directive.Alexey Bataev
2019-06-26Fixed memory use-after-free problem.Andrey Churbanov
2019-06-19[OpenMP][libomptarget] Add support for declare target to clause under unified...Gheorghe-Teodor Bercea
2019-06-19[OPENMP][CUDA]Use __syncthreads when compiled by nvcc and clang >= 9.0.Alexey Bataev
2019-06-19New implementation of OpenMP 5.0 detached tasks.Andrey Churbanov
2019-06-14[OpenMP] Add task alloc functionGheorghe-Teodor Bercea
2019-06-05Added propagation of not big initial stack size of master thread to workers.Andrey Churbanov
2019-06-04[OpenMP][libomptarget] Enable usage of unified memory for declare target link...Gheorghe-Teodor Bercea
2019-06-03Fixed build warning with -DLIBOMP_USE_HWLOC=1Andrey Churbanov
2019-05-30Fix OMP_TARGET_OFFLOAD parsingHansang Bae
2019-05-30Add checks before pointer dereferencingHansang Bae
2019-05-28[openmp] [test] Skip kernel-breaking tests on NetBSDMichal Gorny
2019-05-24Revert "[OPENMP][NVPTX]Fix barriers and parallel level counters, NFC."Alexey Bataev
2019-05-22[OPENMP][NVPTX]Fix barriers and parallel level counters, NFC.Alexey Bataev
2019-05-22Fixed third issue reported in https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41584.Andrey Churbanov
2019-05-21[OpenMP] Add implementation to two OMPT API routinesJonathan Peyton
2019-05-21[OpenMP][libomptarget] Enable requires flags for target libraries.Gheorghe-Teodor Bercea
2019-05-20[OpenMP][OMPT] Fix locking testcases for 32 bit architecturesJoachim Protze
2019-05-20[OMPT] Handling of the events of initial-task-begin and initial-task-endJoachim Protze
2019-05-16Fixed second issue reported in https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41584.Andrey Churbanov
2019-05-16Fix hwloc topology traversal code unable to handle situation where L2 cache i...Paul Osmialowski
2019-05-15Fixed https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41584.Andrey Churbanov
2019-05-15Introduce new OpenMP 5.0 depend object type.Andrey Churbanov
2019-05-14[OpenMP][AArch64] Fix compile with LLVM trunk.Eli Friedman
2019-05-13fixed typo made by commit r360595Andrey Churbanov
2019-05-13Fixed creation of aliases in Windows build.Andrey Churbanov
2019-05-13[OPENMP][NVPTX]Simplify handling of thread limit, NFC.Alexey Bataev
2019-05-10[OPENMP][NVPTX]Improve number of threads counter, NFC.Alexey Bataev
2019-05-08[OpenMP] Workaround gfortran bugzilla build bug 41755Jonathan Peyton
2019-05-06Add non-SSE wrapper for __kmp_{load,store}_mxcsrDimitry Andric
2019-05-03[OPENMP][NVPTX]Improve thread limit counter, NFC.Alexey Bataev
2019-05-03[OPENMP][NVPTX]Improved several standard OpenMP functions, NFC.Alexey Bataev
2019-05-02[OPENMP][NVPTX]Improve code by using parallel level counter.Alexey Bataev
2019-05-02[OPENMP][NVPTX]Improve omp_get_max_threads() function.Alexey Bataev
2019-05-02[OPENMP][NVPTX]Improved omp_get_thread_limit() function.Alexey Bataev
2019-05-01Enable OpenMP build for 32-bit FreeBSDDimitry Andric