BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDelete old cbuild2 project, leave pointer to ABERob Savoye4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-06-23Delete old cbuild2 project, leave pointer to ABEHEADmasterRob Savoye
2015-02-02Merge changes I195e5689,I5ebc18b9Robert Savoye
2014-11-17change from cbuild.validation to abe.tcwglabRob Savoye
2014-11-17regenerateRob Savoye
2014-11-17change the remote fileserver from cbuild.validation.linaro.org to abe.tcwglab...Rob Savoye
2014-11-17Install specified version of Linux headers.Will Newton
2014-11-17lib/git-parser.sh: Make tool parsing more liberalWill Newton
2014-11-11pass the build tree sysroot since gdbserver is built for the target. Run GDB ...Rob Savoye
2014-11-11fix the sysroot path for tarballs. Bug #862Rob Savoye
2014-11-06add the remote file serverRob Savoye