BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dgram-clarify-bind-docs[dgram] Clarify description of an address which should be used in bind().Paul Sokolovsky12 months
fix-k64f-ocf[ocf] Work-around to fix segfault when using promisesJimmy Huang8 months
gh-pages[gh-pages] Use nifty trademark symbols in index pageGeoff Gustafson4 months
make-test[tests] Allow to run basic testsuite using "make test".Paul Sokolovsky11 months
master[build] Rewrite 'convert.sh' into python as 'convert.py' (#1831)John Villalovos13 days
promising[util] Search up the object hierarchy for full function pathJames Prestwood9 months
zjs-0.2[doc] Fix links in ble.md and README.md docs (#832)Jimmy Huang11 months
zjs-0.3[general] Update version file to 0.3 for releaseGeoff Gustafson10 months
zjs-0.4[general] Update version file to 0.4 for releaseGeoff Gustafson5 months
zjs-0.5[docs] Sync 0.5 doc of 6lowpan-ble.md (#1841)Cui Yan47 hours
v0.5zephyr.js-0.5.tar.gz  Geoff Gustafson2 weeks
v0.4zephyr.js-0.4.tar.gz  Geoff Gustafson5 months
v0.3zephyr.js-0.3.tar.gz  Geoff Gustafson10 months
hackathonzephyr.js-hackathon.tar.gz  James Prestwood12 months
v0.2zephyr.js-0.2.tar.gz  Geoff Gustafson13 months
linaro-aeolus-2016.12zephyr.js-linaro-aeolus-2016.12.tar.gz  Paul Sokolovsky14 months
v0.1zephyr.js-0.1.tar.gz  Geoff Gustafson15 months
0.2-develzephyr.js-0.2-devel.tar.gz  Geoff Gustafson16 months
stablezephyr.js-stable.tar.gz  Brian Jones16 months
initialzephyr.js-initial.tar.gz  Geoff Gustafson17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
13 days[build] Rewrite 'convert.sh' into python as 'convert.py' (#1831)HEADmasterJohn Villalovos
2018-02-09[analyze] Change args.verbose comparison to integer (#1843)John Villalovos
2018-02-08[ble] Fixed compile warning (#1838)Jimmy Huang
2018-02-07[readme] Correct text about native debug make targets (#1836)Geoff Gustafson
2018-02-07Update ocf server in 6lowpan-ble.md (#1820)xiaoyu3x
2018-02-07[zjsbanner] Simplify code for readability (#1830)John Villalovos
2018-02-07[build] Fix unary operator expected error on macOS (#1824)John Villalovos
2018-02-07[analyze] Use argparse library command line arg parsing (#1823)John Villalovos
2018-02-07[jerryscript] Rebase to latest JerryScript (#1818)Jimmy Huang
2018-02-06[zjsbanner] Use /usr/bin/env python3 (#1825)John Villalovos