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2007-02-26[MIPS] Remove unreferenced _IOC_SLMASK macro in ioctl.h.Robert P. J. Day
2007-02-26[MIPS] SNI: MIPS_CPU_IRQ_BASE cleanupThomas Bogendoerfer
2007-02-26Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of Torvalds
2007-02-26Revert "[CPUFREQ] constify cpufreq_driver where possible."Linus Torvalds
2007-02-26Merge Torvalds
2007-02-26Merge Torvalds
2007-02-26Merge Torvalds
2007-02-26Merge Torvalds
2007-02-26[IRDA] net/irda/: proper prototypesAdrian Bunk
2007-02-26Merge Torvalds
2007-02-26Merge Torvalds
2007-02-26Merge branch 'upstream' of git:// Torvalds
2007-02-26[PATCH] x86_64 irq: Safely cleanup an irq after moving it.Eric W. Biederman
2007-02-26[PATCH] x86_64 irq: Add constants for the reserved IRQ vectors.Eric W. Biederman
2007-02-26[PATCH] irq: Remove set_native_irq_infoEric W. Biederman
2007-02-26Revert "[PATCH] i386: add idle notifier"Linus Torvalds
2007-02-25Add id_to_dma_mode function for printing DMA modesAlan
2007-02-25[ARM] 4234/1: Introduce get_irqnr_preamble and arch_ret_to_user for ns9xxx.Uwe Kleine-K├Ânig
2007-02-23sysfs: allow attributes to be added to groupsAlan Stern
2007-02-23USB: make autosuspend delay a module parameterAlan Stern
2007-02-23USB: add a blacklist for devices that can't handle some things we throw at them.Oliver Neukum
2007-02-23USB: add rationale on why usb descriptor structures have to be packedInaky Perez-Gonzalez
2007-02-23USB: add driver for iowarrior devices.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2007-02-23Revert "Driver core: let request_module() send a /sys/modules/kmod/-uevent"Greg Kroah-Hartman
2007-02-23power management: fix struct layout and docsJohannes Berg
2007-02-23sysfs: move struct sysfs_dirent to private headerAdam J. Richter
2007-02-23Driver core: remove class_device_renameGreg Kroah-Hartman
2007-02-23libata: test major version in ata_id_is_sata()Tejun Heo
2007-02-22[CPUFREQ] constify cpufreq_driver where possible.Dave Jones
2007-02-22[ARM] 4231/1: AT91: Merge and typo fixes.Andrew Victor
2007-02-22[MIPS] Add basic SMARTMIPS ASE supportFranck Bui-Huu
2007-02-21Merge branch 'master' of Torvalds
2007-02-21[PARISC] Use symbolic last syscall in __NR_Linux_syscallsKyle McMartin
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (5200): V4l_printk_ioctl_arg() is no longer used.Adrian Bunk
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (5204): Change videodev2.h licence to dual GPL/BSDMichael Schimek
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (5182): Remove #if 0 section from videodev2.hHans Verkuil
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (5181): Sliced VBI API no longer marked experimental.Hans Verkuil
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (5162): Change VIDIOC_DBG_[SG]_REGISTER ioctls' reg address to 64 bitsTrent Piepho
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (5147): Make vivi driver to use vmalloced pointersMauro Carvalho Chehab
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (5146): Make VIDIOC_INT_[SG]_REGISTER ioctls no longer internal onlyTrent Piepho
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (5144): Restore VIDIOC_INT_[SG]_REGISTER callsTrent Piepho
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (5113): Adds video output routingMarco Schluessler
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (5070): Budget-ci: add support for the Technotrend 1500 bundled remoteVille-Pekka Vainio
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (5068): Fix authorship referencesMauro Carvalho Chehab
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (5017): DVB: fix compile errorAdrian Bunk
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (5015): Add support for more Encore TV cardsJuan Pablo Sormani
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (4986): Removed unimplemented cx2341x API commandsHans Verkuil
2007-02-21V4L/DVB (4961): Add support for the ASUS P7131 remote controlHermann Pitton
2007-02-21[PARISC] Add missing statfs64 and fstatfs64 syscallsGuy Martin
2007-02-21libata: s/ap->id/ap->print_id/gTejun Heo