BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ldap_syncRepair conf file path.Stevan Radaković6 years
masterFixed the upgrade-db command: we need to pass the PYTHONPATH to the local ins...Milo Casagrande6 years
rescan_repo_fixAdd remove_obsolete option to rescan-repos. Update INSTALL file.Stevan Radaković6 years
syncAdd members package to install script.Stevan Radaković6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-03-06Repair conf file path.ldap_syncStevan Radaković
2013-03-05Add better exception handling.Stevan Radaković
2013-03-04Add logging settings to .conf file and add logging handler.Stevan Radaković
2013-03-01Add ldap_sync files.Stevan Radaković
2013-02-13Small tweaks to Apache conf.Milo Casagrande
2013-02-11Added HACKING file with memory readings.Milo Casagrande
2013-02-08Added instruction for RabbitMQ config file.Milo Casagrande
2013-02-08Added simple rabbitmq config file.Milo Casagrande
2013-02-08Added note about running update-server-info for staging and mirroring git repos.Milo Casagrande
2013-02-07Added license header.Milo Casagrande