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2011-11-21Change the README to list python-testtools as a runtime dep and apt-utils as ...Guilherme Salgado
2011-11-21Use testtools.try_import for CommandNotFound; that way our pyflakes test can ...Guilherme Salgado
2011-07-28Mention optional installation of pyflakes to run tests in the README.Loïc Minier
2011-04-29Drop mention of qemu-kvm in required packages in the README; renameLoïc Minier
2011-01-31Mention sfdisk on the requirements to run the test suiteGuilherme Salgado
2011-01-28Add list of dependencies for running l-m-c to READMEGuilherme Salgado
2011-01-27Fix install_package_providing() to wait() for its childGuilherme Salgado
2010-12-10Checkpoint commitGuilherme Salgado
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2010-12-02Update README with more packages that are needed to run the test suiteGuilherme Salgado
2010-11-22Add instructions for running the tests and create a new top-level test_suite,...Guilherme Salgado