path: root/jessie-amd64-jenkins-master/Dockerfile
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysjenkins: upgrade to latest Jenkins LTS 2.164.1Fathi Boudra
5 daysjenkins: upgrade to jenkins-job-builder 2.9.1Fathi Boudra
2019-02-18Jenkins: Upgrade to latest LTSBenjamin Copeland
2019-01-18Jenkins: Update to latest LTSBenjamin Copeland
2018-12-14Jenkins: Update to latest LTSBenjamin Copeland
2018-12-06Jenkins: Update to latest LTS releaseBenjamin Copeland
2018-11-12Jenkins: Upgrade to latest LTSBenjamin Copeland
2018-11-09jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: upgrade JJB from 2.0.5 to 2.5.0Fathi Boudra
2018-10-20Jenkins: Update to latest LTSBenjamin Copeland
2018-09-18jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: update to Jenkins LTS 2.138.1Fathi Boudra
2018-08-22jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: upgrade to LTS 2.121.3Fathi Boudra
2018-07-31Jenkins: fix users getting logged out too earlyBenjamin Copeland
2018-07-23Jenkins: Update to latest LTSBenjamin Copeland
2018-06-12Jenkins: Update to latest LTSBenjamin Copeland
2018-05-10Jenkins: Upgrade to latest LTSBenjamin Copeland
2018-04-30jenkins: add build-essentialFathi Boudra
2018-04-19jenkins: update JJB to 2.0.5Fathi Boudra
2018-04-19jenkins: upgrade to latest LTS (2.107.2)Fathi Boudra
2018-04-04jenkins: add build dependencies for qa-reports deploymentFathi Boudra
2018-03-24jenkins: upgrade to latest LTS (2.107.1)Fathi Boudra
2018-03-01jenkins: update jenkins-job-builder from 1.6.2 to 2.0.2Fathi Boudra
2018-02-14Jenkins: Update to latest LTS and move away from jenkinsciBenjamin Copeland
2018-01-18jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: upgrade to LTS 2.89.3Fathi Boudra
2018-01-11jenkins-master: add more packagesFathi Boudra
2017-12-14jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: upgrade to LTS 2.89.2Fathi Boudra
2017-12-08jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: add jqFathi Boudra
2017-12-08jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: upgrade to 2.89.1 LTSFathi Boudra
2017-11-24jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: add repo commandFathi Boudra
2017-11-09jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: update to Jenkins LTS 2.73.3Fathi Boudra
2017-11-01Jenkins: Include packages for yadp-config-builderBen Copeland
2017-11-01jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: add groovy-xmlrpc 0.8Fathi Boudra
2017-10-12jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: upgrade to Jenkins LTS 2.73.2Fathi Boudra
2017-09-19jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: upgrade to Jenkins LTS 2.73.1Fathi Boudra
2017-08-18jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: update to latest 2.60.3 LTSFathi Boudra
2017-07-21Jenkins: Update to latest LTS version.Ben Copeland
2017-07-11Jenkins: Increase sessionTimeout to 1440 minutes (24 hours)Ben Copeland
2017-07-11Jenkins: Ensure sessionTimeout is set.Ben Copeland
2017-07-05jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: upgrade to 2.60.1 LTSFathi Boudra
2017-07-04Jenkins: Expose SSHD PortBen Copeland
2017-06-21jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: add python-requests dependencyFathi Boudra
2017-06-20jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: add python-paramiko dependencyFathi Boudra
2017-06-16Jenkins: Update session timeout argumentBen Copeland
2017-05-31jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: upgrade to 2.46.3 LTSFathi Boudra
2017-05-25jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: increase the session timeout to 960min (16h)Fathi Boudra
2017-05-09jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: add packages used by post-build-repoFathi Boudra
2017-04-27jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: upgrade to 2.46.2 LTSFathi Boudra
2017-04-27jessie-amd64-jenkins-master: increase maxFormContentSize to 1000000Fathi Boudra
2017-04-12jenkins-master: rename the directory to jessie-amd64-jenkins-masterFathi Boudra