path: root/arch/blackfin/mach-common/arch_checks.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-08-06Blackfin: allow cache funcs to be in L1 for IFLUSH Anomaly 05000491Mike Frysinger
2010-08-06Blackfin: merge anomalies 475 and 220 to follow official listsMike Frysinger
2010-08-06Blackfin: move MPU anomaly check to common locationMike Frysinger
2009-11-25Blackfin: check for anomaly 05000475Mike Frysinger
2009-10-07Blackfin: mass clean up of copyright/licensing infoRobin Getz
2009-06-22Blackfin: decouple unrelated cache settings to get exact behaviorJie Zhang
2009-06-12Blackfin: work around anomaly 05000220Graf Yang
2009-03-06Blackfin arch: remove duplicated ANOMALY_05000448 ifdef checkMike Frysinger
2009-03-05Blackfin arch: Random read/write errors are a bad thingRobin Getz
2009-03-05Blackfin arch: make sure people do not set the kernel load address too highMike Frysinger
2008-08-27Blackfin arch: move include/asm-blackfin header files to arch/blackfinBryan Wu
2008-08-06Blackfin arch: make sure the BSS and kernel load address are 4 byte alignedMike Frysinger
2008-07-14Blackfin arch: Remove redundant kernel optionMichael Hennerich
2008-04-25[Blackfin] arch: detect the memory available in the system on the fly by defaultMike Frysinger
2007-10-10Blackfin arch: to do some consolidation of common code and common name spacesRobin Getz
2007-08-03Blackfin arch: Fix CCLK and SCLK checksRobin Getz